Schiek Wrist Wraps Review

When it comes to lifting iron, I’m as ruthless in my approach as I am to everything else.

Frankly speaking, I don’t cut corners and entertain unnecessary crap. You certainly won’t find me advocating the use of vibrating power plates or the latest abdominal gadget on Lifestyle Den, which you’ll know already if you’re a returning reader.

But today, I want to make an exception, for I’m going to introduce you to a truly brilliant product that has been a trust companion in my training sessions for a considerable amount of time.

Introducing Schiek’s Wrist Wraps

Rating: (10/10) 

As you know, I’m an advocate of lifting heavy iron in order to build your physique, enhance your mental wellbeing and improve your overall strength and athleticism.

However, sometimes lifting heavy can come at a cost for certain individuals, and that’s where Schiek’s Wrist Wraps play an important role in keeping you injury-free and healthy.

Wrist wraps can mitigate and alleviate excessive stress on your lifts during heavy compound exercises. For some individuals, their wrists are particularly vulnerable due to the biomechanics of certain exercises placing strain on them whilst lifting heavy.

However, this is not an excuse to completely avoid lifting heavy – you just need to take precaution with some intelligent equipment use. This is where Schiek’s Wrist Wraps play a vital role.

When to Use Schiek’s Wrist Wraps

Buying a good pair of wrist wraps will help you push more. They are highly effective in tightening your wrist.

Having added wrist support helps you be more in control of weights that you are holding and allowing you to perform extra reps in many exercises such as skull crushers and dumbbell flys.

I have been using mine for more than a year and I use them for every workout.

Exercises which may require addition wrist support typically include:

  • Heavy dumbbell/barbell pressing (chest/shoulder)
  • Heavy rowing (barbell/dumbbell rows)
  • Low bar squats (where the wrists are placed in an extremely stretched position)

Wrist wraps provide support on all of these exercises and elasticity allowing you to press/row/squat with comfort, while continuing to increase the weights and remain injury-free.

Quality & Durability of Schiek’s Wrist Wraps

Schiek wrist wrap review

schiek wrist wrap

I was introduced to these straps by my coach and I immediately fell in love with these straps.

Schiek are a company with an excellent reputation for manufacturing fitness accessories. Their products are manufactured in the USA and are highly renowned for their durability.

One of the things I like most about Schiek’s wrist wraps is their evident durability when compared to other products on the market. The cotton elastic is extremely formidable and designed for long-term use, which is hard to say for other brands. The more you use it. The more it’s elasticity increases over time.

Another excellent feature is the neoprene padding that comes in the middle of the wraps – a unique feature other wrist wraps on the market don’t include.

Neoprene padding provides – great comfort during heavy lifting and alleviates any stress on your wrists. It is also breathable and absorbs all the sweat.

Schiek wrist wrap

After long time use you might notice some damage on the padding from the sides. But these are highly durable and will last you years.

The longevity of Schiek’s wrist wraps are superior when compared to other products on the market and they’re designed for the serious lifter, not the casual one who views accessories as a passive fashion item.

Price of Schiek’s Wrist Wrap

Price varies depending on where you’re purchasing them from, but generally speaking, they’re roughly $20 USD at most online retailers and offline stores in the US.

My advice would be to buy nice, not twice when it comes to wrist wraps, and invest in Schiek’s product because the durability is far superior than any of the alternatives available on the market.

Wrist wraps aren’t a mandatory piece of equipment, but with time, you’ll almost certainly need to invest in a set if you’re training as seriously and heavy as I’d hope you are. When it comes to making that investment, choose Schiek’s Wrist Wraps and you won’t be disappointed.

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