Lose Weight And Keep It Off Permanently

Today I wanted to talk about fat loss. Most of the people who are on a quest to lose weight want a quick fix. They look for quick tips / best fat burner supplements or exercises that they can do to lose weight. Quickly.

Quickly is where you are wrong. You didn’t put those extra pounds quickly. It was years of bad eating habits that caused excess body fat accumulation.

I have talked to many people who wanted to lose weight – friends of friends, relatives, etc.

Most of them have tried a couple of things in the past – cardio, yoga, few even went to the gym, they tried diets of all sorts and failed.

They quit because they didn’t get instant results. They put on the lost pounds quicker than before and then they stopped believing in themselves.

They burned out

People are desperate and they usually make too many changes too quickly.

Instead of slowly developing good habits they went too hard with the diet and training that they eventually end up quitting it altogether.

One of the clients that I am currently working with had a lot of questions.

His self- trust was shattered when we first met. I get it. Failed attempts make you a skeptic. You start doubting yourself and your actions.

Nobody wants to go through the same process of restrictive eating, feel tired all day long because they didn’t fully recover and then get their ass beaten again in the gym.

Everyone fails. Why quit?

Give yourself another chance because when you give up, you have a 100% chance of not succeeding.

What you do in life with your failures that makes the difference. Why not learn from it? Why not learn the rules of the game and then get back in, again.

From what I see you only have two options:

  • You can either struggle with your weight, body image, and health and do nothing about it
  • Or you can struggle, take action and do something about it every day

The secret is not motivation or any of the pre-workout supplements. It’s not skipping meals or going keto and removing carbs from your diet.

 It’s discipline

One small step every day gets you much closer to your goals than you think. It builds momentum.

It’s about making permanent changes

You can compare fitness to your – business/relationships where you have to put in work every day for the rest of your life.

The human genome is enriched with genes that favor the storage of extra calories as fat. It’s just how human bodies work. Our body evolved over several thousand years to store fat, it’s a genetic survival mechanism.

The battle against fat is real and permanent. One that you have to fight ruthlessly every day.

Want to lose weight and be healthy?

Have a training session scheduled every day and make it “The Default Option”

There are literally times that I don’t’ want to go to the gym but I still do it. I go through the motions.

Discipline is a mental game.

Get up.

Get out of the bed and do it.

Don’t take the day off. Not today.


There’s no such thing as a weight loss diet. Diets are not sustainable. The restrictions they impose seem more like a punishment.

If you can’t eat in a manner or certain foods for a long long period of time. Leave it. Don’t bother.

Don’t make a change in your diet that you don’t intend to keep. The way you chose to eat now better be the same in the future.

When it comes to nutrition the idea is simple – you want to slowly instill new eating habits into your routine. You have to build healthy eating habits through discipline.

The stupidest thing I hear is keto. You mean to say you lose fat by eating more fat? Dumbshit! Fat loss is all about calories. And carbs are the best source of energy.

When I work with people I tell them to focus on adding healthy foods to their diet instead of focusing on cutting away all the junk.

When you add 10 egg whites, nuts, fruits and some vegetables to your diet you end up eliminating other junk.

Good habits automatically end up crowding the bad ones.

Fat loss is simple you eat a bit less and move more.

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