Life Update – Why I Took Break From Blogging

It’s been a while that I’ve written anything. A little about 5 months. I took a break this summer from blogging. I had a lot going on and I just didn’t have time to write anything.

I even thought about quitting it altogether. Let’s say I was doing other things that yield better results. ROI wise (considering time and energy) I wasn’t getting much out of LifestyleDen. I am not selling any product as of now. And I do not accept sponsored posts.

But then I have learned so much just because I write.

Writing is a beautiful art. When you are looking for words that best describe your feelings you experience the euphoria of self-realization.

LifestyleDen is where I get to communicate ideas and engage with the world. It helps me help people.

“It’s about touching one life.”

So I am back now. I am here to inspire you to live your life well. No matter what season of life you find yourself in.

I want you to go to the gym. I want you to train. I want you to ditch that burger for eggs. I want you to eat whole foods instead of processed junk and fast foods that weaken and destroy your bodily systems.

I want you to get stronger. Physically. And mentally. It’s meant to improve your life.

Here’s what happened past few months


My training was beastly. I changed my routine. Instead of training one body part per day (best for strengthening). I started training three body parts per day. Diet was too the point. I was eating enough protein, 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and all the required protein supplements

I even started doing cardio. It felt a privilege to be able to wake up at 5 am in the morning. There’s an explicit sense of pride in getting up and running before the sun comes up. 

Here’s an example of my weekly training:

Monday / Thursday – Chest, Triceps and Shoulders

Tuesday / Friday – Bicep, Back, and Squats

Wednesday / Saturday – Cardio

Sunday -Rest

You see there are two types of people in the world: Ones who practice discipline, who punish their body and mind to reach zen. And those who are carried away by the pleasure of senses.

Guess who leads a good life? Guess who commands more respect?

You may not always feel motivated. But you need to develop discipline and willpower to train in spite of how you feel.

The compounding effect of all the hard work that you today will be striking as you age gracefully, retaining your strength and vigour well into the old age.


If you are a long term reader you might know about my physical business. I live in Udaipur and I am into fabrics. March-May being peak season. I had zero energy left at the end of the day to even write a good first draft.

Now I had two questions that demanded immediate attention

          -if selling fabrics is something I want to do when I am 40

          -do I want to settle in this city

There I had it. On 31st May I closed my business. And June 4th I left the city.

Why after 5 years? Well, it didn’t align with my ultimate goals. So I chose to quit. If something doesn’t align with your long-term goal. Quit. Take a step back. That’s how you deliver that perfect punch.

Only in the process of letting it go. You will find yourself.


Bitcoin was all over the news when it hit $10k. I got in when it was around $5800. I fomo’d and bought more when it hit $11k and then close to its all-time high around $17k. I was late to the party.

But the alt season had just begun with so many new coins and ICO’s being launched around that time. I was able to successfully multiply my holdings. I was glued to the idea of decentralization. I even started mining Ethereum in November 2017.

All this while I was reading, researching and absorbing as much as I can about the new projects launched on the block chain. Gladly, the market has been in the bear trend and I was able to buy many good tokens dirt cheap.

Few projects that I like -WTC, ZRX, ICX, VEN oh and NEO

Injury (Shit happens)

I injured my knee – grade 3 meniscus tear. A torn meniscus is one of the most common knee injuries. Meniscus is a piece of cartilage that cushions and stabilizes the joint. One good twist of the knee is enough to tear it apart.

Anyway everything was perfect – training, business, crypto and all the life decisions. But just when you think you have all your ducks in a row, something comes along and end all of it in a second.

Well, shit happens!

I injured my knee at a weight of 50% of my 1 rep max. It took me 6 weeks to be able to walk pain-free. Thankfully, I have started training again now. On the flip side, I might not be able to train legs for another 8-12 weeks. 

I have had a disc hernia, muscle spasm in the past, and now a meniscus tear. But I am always back at the gym. Doing what I love. Training. You see I am at a point in life where my body and my mind crave to train.

I’ve also learned that the body heals itself. There’s no medicinal treatment to a hernia, muscle spasm or a tear in the joint, a surgery might help in some cases. But it’s not a permanent fix. You would be advised by the doctor to be cautious for the rest of your life.

But you can help your body heal itself. And prevent the injury to happen again.

How do you do it?

Give your body ample rest and take care of your nutrition. Food is what brings life. Once you have recovered substantially. Start exercising.

It’s a 2 step process – rest to recover, train to strengthen.

The idea is to strengthen the muscles around the injured/weak part. Strong muscles take the unnecessary pressure. And adequately carry and support body weight.

Many people quit once they face a difficult situation. Being defeated is a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent.

Shit happens, and then you endure. 

Whenever life pushes you to the ground, get back up on your feet, shake the dust from your clothes and continue pursuing your dreams with an iron will.

Wish me a speedy recovery!

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