Are you Weak?

How to kill Weakness

What is Weakness?

Weakness is surrendering.

Weakness is giving up on your dreams.

Weakness is being polite in the face and talking shit behind.

Weakness is doing what other’ expect you to do.

Weaknesses is living a life of misery and not doing anything about it.

Weakness is not being able to perform chin-ups.

Weakness is ceasing to your temptations.

Weakness is losing your calm under stress.

Weakness is being indecisive.

Weakness is buying things on credit.

Weakness is watching porn and shagging in the bathroom.

Are you weak? Change it. Change your life before it’s too late. Change it before you settle for weakness. Too many men do the mistake of settling for weakness when they can rise above mortals.

How to kill Weakness?

Say it loud to yourself – I will not surrender.

I will not surrender. I will not give up on my dreams. Look people in the eye and tell them what you think. Tell them you are here to live life on your terms.

The world has enough weaklings, who can’t lift themselves off the ground. Don’t be them. They are not respected. Men threaten them. Women cheat on them.

Don’t be the guy who wags his tail when a girl calls. Don’t be the guy who follows orders like a puppy. Weakness will always be used against you. Don’t be weak.

Streets are no better than jungle. There will always be men who will try to kill, starve, exploit, rape, do whatever it takes to get hold of your money, assets, women. 

You need to kill the weakness that is inside of you. You need to get stronger. To protect your loved ones. To protect yourself. To protect your assets.

When the hyenas attack, you need to prove your muscle. You need to show your wide chest, roar and break their neck with your bare hands.

Face your fears. Just do it one more time. And one more time. That’s how you grow muscles. By doing reps and more sets. That’s how you get those guns growing.

The world is not for the weak. Men with weakness get killed by men who are not.

Need more reasons to lift weights?

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