Trends To Expect: The Melior Lifestyle and Beauty in 2020

The year had just begun. Of course, there are many new things which are yet to be discovered. But also, there are trends that may rise this year by following what’s popular and all. As we all know, what’s trendy is the best. Being updated in social, lifestyle, and beauty trends are things people can’t live without these days. Here are some lifestyle and beauty trends that you can expect to be trendy this year.  

Lifestyle Trends For 2020

Lifestyle is the way of people on how they live. Coming from the root word life and style, it tells the way of people’s living. This could be related in terms of the house, the food a person eats, and how they interact with another person. Here are some of the lifestyle trends you can expect to be hot this year in terms of self-improvement. 

1. Forest bathing 

If you think forest bathing is literally taking a bath in the middle of the forest, well surprise—it’s not. This type of activity first started in Japan where it is called Shinrin-yoku (click here to read more). The said term means literally ‘take in the atmosphere of the forest’. Since the focus of this activity is to commune with the inner self, people who are going to do this should untether themselves to the world. For example, leaving gadgets that may distract you during the activity. 

2. Clean breathing

This one talks about breathing literally. But it focuses more on meditation just like in yoga. Clean breathing is said to help you in relaxing. According to Sarah Jackson, a Scandinavian expert from Scott Dunn, clean breathing is like enjoying the purest air in the world without tarnish of air pollution and fossil fuels. Aside from it is beneficial to our mental health, clean breathing is also found helpful in terms of health diseases because it reduces the risks of heart diseases, asthma, and stroke attacks. Studies also show that clean breathing improves a person’s concentration and it also alleviates stress. 

 3. Going Vegan 

Yes, you read it right. Vegan. Vegetables. The world today is full of advanced technologies which help us but it also has some bad effects such as global warming. Side by side with global warming is the threat of extinction to other animals. This is because forests are being converted into commercial places; the limited population from this generation only cares about what’s happening to the world. 

Going vegan may only be a little bit of help to the world but the first step always starts with you, yourself. Aside from this, going vegan may rise to popularity this year because it is a beneficial eating habit. It helps the body to get more nutrients and also, it’s not that bad for the health unlike when you always eat.   

Beauty Trends For 2020 

Women, in general, are more attached to the definition of beauty. But since the world is evolving, the definition of beauty is not the same anymore. It became broader and more open. Men can be beautiful too. Scars and wrinkles are beautiful. Cosmetics and skincare products are widely bought throughout the world. Beauty techniques as well are also shared and improved. Make-ups and fashion are constantly going back and forth. Here are some beauty trends that will rise to popularity this year of 2020. 

1. Face Workout 

Yes, that’s right. Not only our bodies but also our face is being exercised. This is possible through the usage of a jade roller. It is a face massager that is from China, as well as the gemstone called GuaSha. The GuaSha tool is used to rub on the face which will give it a radiant glow. Learn more about face workout in this article. Why is this thing very popular nowadays? Well for one, with the use of a jade roller, the puffiness of the face can be reduced. 

This is mainly because the face roller activates the lymphatic system causing the excess lymph fluids to be drained. After the lymph fluids are drained, the face is rejuvenated and sculpted. Nowadays, there are spas and some sports massages available for this kind of service. But this year, it was expected to have a face-only workout. So you guys just stay tuned for that.

2. Non-toxic manicure 

Nail polishes are known to have many chemicals within it. But even so, we endure the bad effects of the chemicals on our nails because of the beauty it brings and how it increases our fashionability. Frequent application of nail polish will make our fingernails brittle, dry, and yellowish unless you do some nail care that will counter the effects of nail polishes and such. Also, the smell of acetone and nail polish are bad for the health and to pregnant women as well as people who are undergoing medical treatments. 

3. Aesthetically pleasing stores

It’s now a boom these days, especially to the younger generation. Aesthetically pleasing stores are often featured in leading lifestyle resources like Topics can vary from food to clothing shops, and even home improvement! The said shops are popular since many people like to be in a beautiful atmosphere with beautiful elements. How do we know if a shop is aesthetic? Well, of course, the shop should emit Instagram worthy vibes.

Instagram users are increasing and if you want to increase your followers this 2020, your pictures should be able to catch people’s attention. There are also other trends but for now, those are some of the lifestyle and beauty trends many are expecting this year.

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