Let Persistence Bring The Best Out Of You

There are days when I’m quite lazy to leave my bed in the mornings, even though I slept for 8 hours straight like a baby. On these days I don’t feel like hitting the gym, getting ready or doing anything in general.

Usually, I sleep for 7 hours and I don’t take more than a minute or two to leave the bed.  I keep some water near the bed to jump start my mornings it also helps me leave the bed. I then start my day with a cup of green tea with some lemon. It helps in cleansing of liver and kidneys and is also a good source of antioxidants with all the added advantage of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C also elevates enzymes in stomach that aid in proper digestion of food, try having some lemon juice before meals. I generally add a quarter glass of water to the juice and drink it 10 minutes before a big meal.

Talking about green tea for any fat loss benefits out of it, you need to consume a minimum of 4-5 cups , only than it might help in increasing your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of energy expressed in calories that a person needs to keep the body functioning at rest) to burn body fat for energy. You can calculate your BMR here.

Update – I recently came across this Matcha Green TeaIt’s not just another tea, it’s a superfood.

I take it real slow on these days, I might take about 15-20 minutes just to leave the bed. I then move my ass slowly around before I resume my daily morning rituals.

Almost convincing myself for the ‘rest day’, I tell myself that I need not go to the gym every day. And that I very much need a rest day now for giving my body a little rest from all; the trauma it goes through on a regular basis. 

I don’t take rest days, I just can’t. I tried taking few in the beginning and I felt like I missed something very important. I felt tired by the evening. On days I took rest intentionally; I found not only my energy levels reduced significantly but it also affected my productivity.

A bodybuilder always walks out of the gym with a lot more energy. I only take days off when I really have some important work on hand which can’t be avoided. There’s no such thing as a rest day in my dictionary. If I haven’t recovered fully, or lack of sleep I’d still hit the gym to do some cardio and abs.

Almost certain of the rest day, I have some black coffee thinking of the important tasks at hand for the day.

Now we all know coffee is the universally abused tool for productivity. I wouldn’t have been able to write a single article if there had been no coffee. I sometimes write from my office, and when my staff sees me writing, they put cup after cup every hour at my desk, it goes without saying.

It’s a wonder what caffeine can do, I feel a lot more energized in few minutes. I listen to my body & I let my body guide my way in and out of the gym. 

With all that energy, alertness and mental focus, I really can’t miss the gym afterward and it is on these days I nail it completely. I get the most out of the gym; I get the most out of my body; I test my limits more.

I get more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Human body is a marvel of engineering. It’s amazing what you can accomplish both physically and mentally.

It’s been only a year now that I started lifting and just today not only I did  3 extra sets of Front dumbbell single shoulder raise, but also the weights I took were a lot heavier. I did 3 extra sets of 12,10 and 8 reps with 35, 40, 45 pounds dumbbell.

That’s my new personal best. And it is only through these extra reps, sets, and weights that one improves his size and strength. The maximum I could lift before was 30 pounds dumbbell.

Every day when you wake up, commit to yourself to become a better person, a better lifter, build a better body or whatever you love doing. Don’t die average, fuck average. Always move forward and always grow.

Be obsessed about whatever you want to achieve in life only then you will be able to adapt and achieve.

I love every minute of lifting weights, eating healthy and I strive to be best at what I’m doing.

Work hard and let persistence bring the best out of you.

Gulp down some coffee for pre-workout, command; grow and dominate.

Until next time


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