Maxims of Personal Growth

Maxims of Personal Growth

Maxim #1:  Get Inspired from Success of others

We all tend to compare ourselves to others and this often leads to jealousy and insecurity. Instead of being happy for someone who’s winning at life, we find a way to belittle their success. It works for a while but it doesn’t get you further in life.

As a child, you were jealous of your sibling. When you grow up, it turns into adult envy. Jealousy and rivalry is evil. 

Appreciate people who are doing incredible things despite all the disadvantages. To make unimaginable accomplishments you need to learn and get inspired from the underdogs.

Abundance >> scarcity

Maxim #2: There’s always something you can learn to do better

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

You always have something you can improve in yourself:

  • You can learn new skills.
  • You can be a better person, a better sales -person, or a smarter entrepreneur.

Past mistakes? Failure? Bury those sentiments of self-doubt. Everyone has moments they feel doubtful of their success and you can get lost in focusing on mistakes of the past.

Remember each day, you are in the driver’s seat to your approach to life. One choice to improve makes all the difference in your life.

Maxim #3: Embrace your mistakes and learn from them

Wisdom comes from making mistakes.

A mistake is a price you pay for getting educated. Edison didn’t give up when he was making the first light bulb, he made hundreds of mistakes to find one success.

Taking the chance to be wrong is what allows you to move forward in life. Stop being afraid of making mistakes and see them as part of the process towards change.

Learn from them, and continue on.

Maxim #4: Push through your frustrations

People want everything fast and easy today. Hard work is unappealing and avoided by most of our generation. Stubbornly pushing through something tough sounds crazy to most people today.

Learn to view the challenges in your life as part of a process that takes time and persistence. You can’t give up, you have to work past your frustration and be consistent in your approach. Your perseverance will pay off in the end.

Weight training will teach you how.

Maxim #5: You can do anything you put your mind on

All you need is a desire to try. Yes, when you want to do something, your brain will take cues and respond. You have to learn to train your mind.

As my coach says – “You have to learn to train your mind.” 

He asks me to feel deep inside that I am stronger and the weights are lighter. Guess what, he made deadlifts super fun for me. Train your mind and accomplishing more becomes easier.

Get my point? Once you are determined you can learn and do anything you put your mind on.

Maxim #6:  Your approach to life matters greatly

The impact of any event in your life is entirely linked to how you understand and perceive them.

It really is true that your attitude towards something determines your results. Without passion and confidence in what you do, you’ll get nowhere.

You have to start seeing life as a process in a sort of detached way. When you stop putting so much emphasis on that one event to determine your future and start realizing other opportunities will come, you become more confident.

Over-escalate one wrong move or incident to make or break you, and you’ll be constantly stressed at each stage and easily deflate your confidence.

Maxim #7: Challenges are fun

Challenges are fun, you just need to put in more work and some serious mental energy. Don’t avoid them. When something comes up, try to sail through it.

Avoiding a challenge might make you feel safe in the short-term, but it robs you of the chances for greater joys in life.

When you start loading the bar on all the big lifts- squats, deadlifts, bench press. You are scared to fail. It’s challenging. But over the time, you adapt and grow stronger and the weight gets lighter.

Every challenge starts out difficult and becomes easier as you get a mental grasp of your task. Keeping up with a challenge rewires self-discipline, patience, and persistence. This leads you from confusion and frustration to understanding and finally MASTERY.

Find challenges that will help you grow instead of cowering into a simple, safe life. You need to have at least one thing each day that aggravates you into action and gets you going. I challenge myself in the gym. I know what iron therapy can do.

Start seeing challenges as signs of being on the path to personal growth and you’ll gain an abundance of experiences and opportunities.

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