4 Pillars of an Extraordinary Life

Something is terribly wrong with the educational system and everyone can sense that. Just yesterday I read this article which claimed that about 93% of the Indian graduates realize that the degree they have worked so hard for is completely useless.

With the way the education system is functioning; school and university gave me a bad taste for education. I’d say it again, I didn’t acquire any skill in college that assists me anywhere in life.

With the world developing so fast in every aspect, our college degrees almost seem useless.

Every year millions of students all around the world graduate, but there are just a few hundred maybe that actually use their knowledge productively in their lives and careers.

What is taught in the classrooms is forgotten and what should actually be taught is expected from the child to learn himself over the course of time, or at home from their parents.

And this is the problem in most cases- students have incomplete knowledge about things which actually have an important effect on their lives. 

We go on creating adults who aren’t trained in some very basic fields, skills which are needed to be successful and live a happier life. Schools seem to completely neglect one aspect of human life – Personality!

Because of which success and happiness are hard to come by and a host of potential issues arise, such as poor social relationships, anger, frustration, and even depression.

Do we require a change?
Change? We require a complete makeover.

Today, I will talk about topics I wish I was taught in school.

4 Pillars of an extraordinary life; a life worth living


Communication & Networking skills – In order to make meaningful connections

Effective communication skills are essential to succeed in all the aspects of life. Communication is expressing your feelings, desires, thoughts and opinions in a manner that makes the other person clear about what is actually going on in your head. 

Networking is about finding your tribe, people who inspire and challenge you. Networking is an essential tool to build relationships and sustain them.

  • It is important to speak your mind without upsetting the other person.
  • It is important to have a nonjudgmental attitude.
  • It is important to realize your important contacts under emergency situations.
  • It is important to form mutually beneficial relationships.

The number on your mark sheets won’t decide your future or the life you live but the kind of people you know will.

Take Prime Minister Modi, for example. He reached to the people through his speeches. His networking skills took him on a journey from the position of a tea seller to a ‘Prime Minister of India’. Quite remarkable, isn’t it?

Who can you call under emergency? Do you know someone who can get you out of any situation? Who has your back? 

Your net worth is the people you can call and rely upon.

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Financial Literacy

There are so many people who don’t pay taxes and don’t have much of an idea why they have to be paid in the first place. But it’s not just taxes. Terms such as ‘exemption’ or ‘credit’ don’t even exist in their vocabulary.

So many people are in a constant debt because of their lack of basic knowledge about credit cards. They don’t know anything about investments.

They can’t even tell the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement. They never look for grants and projects which could actually liberate them or help them financially.

Most people don’t even know what compound interest is, and that is what the finance of the planet is running on.

You can govern money or you can let money govern you. Only the educated mind can be free. And if the educational system refuses to put the stress on that, then you should do it yourself.

We live in a world which is governed by money. And if you are not aware of the system, you become slave of the system.

Knowing about your investment options and credit card finances would help you to plan for your future investments in a more efficient way.

In his book [easyazon_link identifier=”1612680011″ locale=”US” tag=”lifest89-20″]Rich Dad Poor Dad[/easyazon_link] Robert T. Kiyosaki said that the rich teach their children how to read financial statements and the poor do not and he is right.

Take Control of your finances.

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Gender Differences

We are never taught that men and women are different – not only biologically, but also emotionally and psychologically. Men expect women to think the same way they do, and are surprised when a woman gets angry or upset over something.

Honest discussions about sexuality and sexual hygiene are essential for the growing up teenagers.

A man and a woman are almost bound to react in a different way to almost any stimulus. It’s just too bad that so many people don’t realize that. Because this leads to great frustration and all too often relationships crumble because of a silly misunderstanding.

The problem worsens as people often discuss the differences with their friends who are as clueless as they are. As a result, hundreds of stereotypes are born and it’s so hard to get rid of them.

Most men have no clue how to communicate with women. 

Stop being a nice guy.

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Health & Nutrition

Never in human history have we used so little energy on a daily basis. Technology can be used without us moving more than our hands and eyes. We spend hours just sitting on desks and listening, reading and watching.

Most of the population spends their entire time sitting down- in front of their laptop screen or office desks doing paperwork.

Most people don’t know what they’re eating; they never read the nutrition label. And everybody is either too busy or too lazy to work out and stay fit.

As you starve your muscles of action; your cells are getting full of fat. Obesity and diabetes rates have risen dramatically over last decade because of this technological driven sedentary lifestyle and the lack of proper guidance while in school.

If we teach our students about health and nutrition, maybe we’d all be a lot healthier and our medical system would be less overwhelmed.

Fight fat, don’t be a slob.  Give some action to your muscles.

Fitness is a great tool to excel in all the aspects of your life. Be kind to your body and it will pay you back, I bet.


 It’s a fact: school doesn’t give us the proper tools we need as we enter adulthood. Education and learning are never ending processes. It cannot end when you receive your diplomas and shut your books.

You cannot possibly feel successful and happy at the same time if your life is dictated by outside forces. Take control of your mistakes and keep improving yourself.

If you want to have a life you find satisfying, you will have to work on it. And this is only possible if you are a conscious and aware person who stands his ground and knows what he’s doing.

‘In the age of technology, ignorance is a choice.’

Educate yourself, never stop seeking new truths, go for the new horizons. Just take control of the learning process and be a master of your life. You don’t really need school for that.

Good luck, and have a nice day.


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