Top 7 Alpha Male Traits

Alpha Male Traits

Do you have what it takes to be the Alpha Male? The man’s man, the real man, the boss, whatever you call him, he’s the man women want and men want to be.

If you’re solely relying on physical strength alone then you’re not going to cut it. The weight you can lift on a bench press doesn’t turn you into an alpha either.

In today’s modern society a true alpha male fights without his fists and has the courage to lead other people. Here are seven other alpha male traits that are equally important as your physical toughness.

1. Confidence

Alpha Male Traits

Walk like you own the world

An alpha male’s unwavering confidence is what sets him apart from everyone else in the pack. He is someone who is completely self-assured making him comfortable in his own skin and at home in any situation or place.

Although arrogance can be easily mistaken for confidence, the alpha male is never arrogant. He isn’t one to build his self-esteem from an external support system, but instead, he has a realistic picture of his own strengths and capabilities helping him to respond authentically.

2. Leadership

There is a reason why alpha males are called leaders of the pack. The alphas are the highest ranked individuals within a group and are the ones in the community from whom the others get their cues.

Their killer instincts and great sense of responsibility towards others make them natural born leaders. Alpha’s naturally assume leadership and don’t wait to be declared as one. Generally, they are autocratic, intensely competitive, and very results-oriented achievers who insist on top performance both from themselves and from others.

3. Communication Skills

Solid communication skills is not just about being able to speak loudly and firmly, but with relevance, clarity, and restraint. An alpha male uses his communication skills and body language to ooze confidence and leadership in his communication.

His communication skill excites an audience, builds trust and breeds assurance in his followers. He understands when to talk and when to remain silent to get the best out of others.

4. Charisma

Charisma is all about taking the initiative and sparking a conversation. Using the art of storytelling, an alpha male tells great and compelling stories that other people are drawn to. He knows how to start a conversation and engage the other person or persons to leave them feeling more better than before the conversation started.

He also understands how to give another person the platform to tell her own stories by asking thought provoking questions and listening intently rather than just dominating the floor.

5. Focus

Alpha males tend to dream big and they always have a sense of control. He is goal-driven with a clear vision of what he wants and committed to do everything he needs to accomplish his goals.

The alpha male is completely focused that he is able to categorize and detach himself from his ego and fear of failure. With the right mental attitude, he is able to face adverse situations without getting discouraged and losing sight of his goal.

As Thomas Jefferson, the American founding father, once said: “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

6. Emotional Strength

While physical strength is one of the most overrated alpha male trait, emotional strength is probably the most underrated. Emotion strength allows the alpha male to endure any difficulty and build trust with his team and followers.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Alpha males have an effortless ability to deal with hardships and an innate urge to help others with their setbacks in life.

An alpha male’s emotional strength allows him to be a great leader.

7. Sense of Humor

The alpha male is often viewed as the domineering, stoic leader, but in reality, humor plays a big role in attraction and an alpha male can make people around him laugh.

The alpha male is also comfortable at laughing at himself. He doesn’t try to be the funniest guy around and he certainly doesn’t incessantly crack jokes either. He attracts people because he exudes positivity and knows how to be self-amusing. An alpha male doesn’t sweat the small stuff and can make light of any moment.

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