25 Things You Can Do Now To Raise Yourself Above Average

HOW TO STOP BEING AN AVERAGE MANThink about what some of your goals in life have been, particularly when you were younger. Odds are you wanted to conquer the world.

You wanted to succeed in life and be better than most people. Somewhere down the line, however, you forgot this. You chose to take a different path, you chose the safer path, a more mediocre one.

This was probably because of the advice that someone gave you at some point in your life. Unfortunately, these “pearls of wisdom” most likely came from someone who was stuck in a less than stellar life as well. If you followed this advice, you possibly ended up right where they are now.

What you have learned from this experience, nonetheless, is that this is not an enviable position to be in. After all, no one wants to be described as average.

The meaning of average is subtle but clear. If you are average, you are essentially like everyone else. You are indistinguishable from all those around you-you blend in.

Every day, every moment, every second – it’s ‘You’ vs the ‘Average You’. Chose leisure over self-development and the ‘Average You’ wins over ‘You’.

The average side of me wanted to skip the gym today. The average side of me wanted to go out and eat chocolate waffles with ice-cream for breakfast in lieu of eggs.

The above average me downed two glasses of vegetable juice with garlic and ginger. The above average me did 30 minutes of light cardio to get the blood flowing.

In this article, I’ll break down 25 traits of an average man and 25 things you can do instead to stop being an average man.

What’s Bad About Being an Average Man

how to stop being an average man

Everything is bad about being an average man.

If you are wondering about what’s wrong with being average, you have a bigger problem than you might have anticipated. If you haven’t observed as yet, being typical means that you remain unnoticed by others around you. You are just a drop of water in the ocean. Even worse, being average means that you are conceding to a less than stellar life.

Average =  Self-restricting Mindset

25 Traits of an ‘average’ man

  1. He has an ordinary 9 to 5 job.
  2. He gets drunk on weekends.
  3. An average man finds happiness in things, drugs and binge eating.
  4. He has ordinary friends.
  5. He waits for an imaginary future which never comes. He chose to wait for the right job, the right girl and the right time to – come to him.
  6. He has all the excuses for not being able to do what he wants, in most cases, he blames his family.
  7. An average man leaves everything for tomorrow.
  8. He wants to get fit but he never hit the weight room.
  9. An average man seeks validation. He tries to please everyone while compromising his own wants and happiness. To justify his deeds he will try to give an explanation of everything to everyone. 
  10. He is always ‘sorry’.
  11. He feels entitled just because he exists and possess certain qualities.
  12. He is scared of being honest.
  13. By being fearful he fails to fulfill his deepest purpose.
  14. The average man is a poor decision maker. He turns to everyone he knows for advice (permission) and plays the blame game when things go south.
  15. He chose entertainment/leisure each time over personal development.
  16. You can see him buying vodka tonic, margarita for women in the bar in hopes of getting laid.
  17. An average man is addicted to porn and is out there trying to have sex with anything that talks and walks. He even pays for sex.
  18. He is scared of driving over on a new route, just to be safe.
  19. The average man is scared of rejection.
  20. He doesn’t keep his words. And every time he fails to keep his words, he further damages himself.
  21. He complies when a woman he like says – ‘she just wants to be friends’.
  22. He has a know it all attitude and leads an uninspiring life.
  23. He is envious and doesn’t share the secret of his success.
  24. He chooses to be average (product of circumstances). He let other people dictate the direction and vision of his life. Yet he doesn’t like to be called average.
  25. An average man doesn’t stand up for himself when confronted.

When he is a step from becoming above average, he chooses to be the same because of his restricting mindset.

Just going down this list is enough to bore many to tears. On paper, it is the last thing that you would want to be. So, why are you so happy to live this reality? Why are you not asking for more?

Do you not aspire to be something more? To be larger than life? Then the first thing you are going to have to get rid of is your notion of being normal. Here’s what I did to beat mediocrity.

Stop Being Labelled as an Average Man

Average is not the way to live your life, let’s take a look at how to change things up. Here are some things about your life that you are just going to have to change if you hope to get anywhere.

Stop Waiting Around, Take Action

Set a goal and make it happen. It is pretty much the Alpha Male rule number 1 – if you want something, go get it. The worst thing that you could do is simply sit around and wait for opportunities to fall into your lap. If it has not happened as yet, it is never going to happen.

Good things happen to individuals who work for it. If you have an idea about what you want to do, now is the time to take action. Put aside all of your doubts and your fears, and simply go ahead with your plans. This is the first step to changing your life for the better.

Have Kick-Ass Friends

how to stop being an average man

“You can’t soar like an eagle when you hang out with turkeys.”

Odds are that you have been surrounded by average people your whole life. If you take their advice and follow in their footsteps, there is little hope for you. If you want to be above average, then you need to change who your hangout with. Have at least five people who are better than you, they’d stretch you to become better.

I have many friends and acquaintances who often want to hang out with me. But I always say NO (without being apologetic). If I don’t see them hustle I have nothing to talk to them. I don’t want to chit-chat and kill my time.

Time is my only resource. I’d rather spend it with my nephew. If I have more free time, I will work on my blog or read something.

Hanging out with average people will only distract you. Remove distractions. An average man can afford to be distracted. I can’t. If you are reading this, I bet you can’t either.

I hang out with people I can learn from. One of my friends that I ‘hang out’ with is a 40-year-old man. He didn’t attend any school, he doesn’t know shit about science. We don’t discuss technology, latest movies or what’s trending as most people do. We discuss ideas – we talk about women, we talk about business. I listen to what he has learned in life. I enjoy my time with him. He’s a man’s man.

Start looking out for people who have lives that you want. Now, start breaking down how they got there. This will provide you with a roadmap for what you will need to get your life on track. You will be able to see just what moves they made that helped them get to the position that they are in at this very moment.

Do Not Quit

Most men quit. Most men are average. They are neither attractive nor unattractive.  Winners are going to do what the losers won’t – stay consistent. Now that you have decided to go out and get what you want, there is something you are going to need to remember – winners don’t quit.

Taking step is easy doing it over and over is what it takes to be great.

Average people quit. I have witnessed so many people stop going to the gym because they failed to get the results they desired. Where if they’d have stayed perseverant for a few more days, they might have had unlocked the secret – to losing weight or to gain those muscles.

It takes years to build a great blog or sculpt a Greek god physique. In life, nothing comes easy. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Whether you want to make more money or get that perfect physique, it is not going to come easy. If you give up at the first sign of trouble, you might as well accept that you are never going to accomplish anything.

With high achievers – the above average people you will notice a trend. They are always onto something new. They have failed at many things, they fail every day. But they keep going. James Altucher failed at 1001 things.

Understand that everything takes time. You cannot expect to succeed immediately. You are going to have to put in some hard work, and even then, it is going to be a while before you see results. After a while, though, you are going to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Dress for Success

Go to a bar or a club and watch the people there for a while. Take a good look at the men that are turning heads and the ones that may as well be invisible. What separates one from the other? Quite simply, it is the way that they look.

Don’t blame the genetics, don’t blame on anything. In the gym, you can defy genetics and you can upgrade the way that you dress. Wear tailored clothes. Sneakers and sports shoes are comfortable but don’t wear them to work.

The first thing that people will notice about you is your appearance. You need to look as good as possible. Learn what hairstyle suits you and what clothes flatter you the most.

It is safe to say that no one man endeavored to be like everyone else. NO you wanted to be an Alpha male. If you are tired of being the person who gets passed over continuously, it is time to change. It is time to start being the person that everyone notices. It is time to stop being average.

25 Ways to Stop being an Average Man

  1. After your regular 9-5, work another 6 hours on your side project.
  2. Instead of getting drunk on weekends read autobiographies, learn a skill.
  3. An above average man embarrasses the happiness that lies within him. He might use drugs for the edge.
  4. Have kick ass friends.
  5. Don’t wait for an imaginary future. Don’t wait for ‘right’ anything. Right now is the best moment and if you know you are not with the right women, end the relationship.
  6. Stop making excuses, set goals and do what needs to be done at the moment.
  7. Instead of keeping it for tomorrow, do it now. It will only take 5 minutes if you do it now. It will be forever if you procrastinate.
  8. Stop being a wimp, get that gym membership and get under the bar.
  9. Never compromise and stop being a people-pleaser. The above average man is an artist, the outside world is mute to him, he needs no validation. And he sees no point in explaining his art to anyone.
  10. If you did something wrong, admit it. But stop apologizing for everything that you do. Throwing ‘sorry’ around results in undermining your self-worth. Didn’t reply to an email/call? Let them know you were busy, instead of saying sorry.
  11. Understand there are a thousand people like you and unless you have created something of value for someone don’t feel entitled.
  12. Speak your damn mind and save everyone from trouble.
  13. Stop being scared of all the “What if’s”. What’s the worst that could happen? You’d fail? Do it and get over with. It will either be a good deal or a no-deal. A no-deal will create room for a new deal.
  14. Make a decision, if you go wrong, you learn and you improvise. Take feedback’s (advice) but always pursue what you think is best for you. Make decisions from your own deep core. This way you won’t resent anyone for compromising your path.
  15. Instead of watching TV, surfing web reading random stuff – read a self-help book, scroll through great blogs.
  16. Understand that buying girls drinks is a sucker’s game. At the bar, girls use their god-gift assets for free alcohol. Rather ask her to buy you a drink to see how invested she is. Your resources are hard earned. Never buy anything for a woman unless she’s your wife, sister or mother.
  17. Instead of fapping on porn and spilling your seeds around; channel your testosterone towards achieving your goals. And you will be unstoppable.
  18. Take a new route to your home today when you go home. It’s another brain exercise that will keep your mind sharp. When you do things you’ve never done before you create the stimulus for the creation of new neurons. It also releases dopamine which is a great “motivation” neurochemical.
  19. Understand everything is replaceable if you can buy new clothes with the click of the button. You can meet new women by making few tweaks on your profile and swiping right.
  20. Honor your words with your life. Men of their words are known to be trusted, superior, and desired. A man who breaks his word is known to be weak, unreliable, and inferior.
  21. When a woman says she ain’t interested in you, she means it and there’s nothing you can do. Find another. Staying friends would mean you running her daily errands. Don’t wag your tail.
  22. Do something that you will be proud about. If that means climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, do it. Because that’s what matters.
  23. An above average man shares the secret of his success and builds a tribe. He knows no one succeeds alone. He knows he is as strong as the weakest link in the chain. He lifts people up.
  24. Define and refine your own average. Do what you think is right for you.
  25. Stand up for yourself, you teach people how to treat you.

Average people never achieve anything extraordinary because they simply don’t take charge, in fact, they get offended if the joke is on them. I’ve come to the conclusion that the day anybody decides to be responsible, to work hard, to stay disciplined – is the day that they separate themselves from the average.

Nobody is born “great” or “average”. You make yourself into one.

I learned to become above average in the gym by challenging my limits. Take it one day at a time. Listen to that little voice inside your head and stop being an average man.

Better an OOPS than a ‘What If’

Be the decider – When in doubt, do it. You’d probably take a wrong decision 3 out of 10 times but 7 times my friend you are going to be right. The average person listens to that voice of doubt and never ends up going anywhere.

Take it as a challenge. Think of it like this way, when a situation arises – how will the ‘Average You’ react? Now do the opposite. Instead of reacting, ACT.

Rejection is beautiful. It makes you resilient.

Failure is even better. You become headstrong.

Greatness is a choice. It’s a series of daily habits.

Every day, every moment, every second – it’s ‘You’ vs the ‘Average You’. Chose leisure over self-development and the ‘Average You’ wins over ‘You’.

If the ‘average you’ is scared to approach that girl, or ask for a salary raise – ‘You’ go and do it. The worst you might hear is FUCK OFF! But what if she says YES and you also get the increment.

An ‘average you’ will read this 2710 word article, feel motivated, close the browser only to forget it all by next day. An above average you will take action, you will subscribe to the website so that next time an article like this is published, it gets to your email – Instantaneously.

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