Zig Ziglar’s Secrets Of Closing The Sale l Book Review

Zig Ziglar's Secrets Of Closing The Sale Book Review

How do you make money blogging?

Blogging is marketing. Marketing leads to sales. When you sell something you make a profit or you make a commission out of that sale.

Sales is crucial. The ‘best’of anything that you see is sales. The best cars, the best doctors, the best actors, best-selling supplements. The best-selling book. It’s all sales.

You have to learn to sell yourself.

You have to master to sell your ideas. Your skills. To get that job. To get that investment for your start-up, you have to pitch the right way. Even dating is selling. You’ve to sell love, trust, stability, adventure and everything that is not on the books.

You can sell more by asking than telling. That’s the Socratic Method and it’s used by doctors, lawyers, accountants, detectives, and successful people from all walks of life.

I have been selling fabric for 3 years now. I got to hone my skills by interacting with people from all walks of life. From salaried employees to business owners, from farmers to politicians, from commoners to big shots.

Selling fabric is like selling an idea.

Selling is an art and with fabrics, it’s an entirely different thing. People can’t visualize what the final product will look like. And most walk-in with a vague idea.

You have to understand the needs of your customer and put forward something according to it.

With ready-made clothing, you can take a trial, with fabrics you have to sell an idea. An idea that the product (which is yet not into existence) is what the buyer truly needs to stand out in the crowd. 

The close 

You could say that it’s not the most important part of selling. It’s the only thing. Close is what separates salespeople from the extremely successful salesperson. Those who don’t work to get to the close don’t usually get to the end of their profession.

Now sales might be something that you aren’t born with. But ‘sales’ and ‘closing’ is something that you can develop, hone, and refine with experience.

If you want more in life. You can polish your skills. Most of what you will learn will be by meeting people. By trial and error. You will have to closely observe human psychology. How a buyer evaluates a product. How you can sell more by developing – need and trust.

Ziglar emphasizes the need of imagination in the process of sales. He delves into the psychology of sales. Psychology of the buyer. How the seller should act. The importance of being fair and committed.

Remember no one wants to be sold, but everyone loves to buy. That’s the essence of sales. Tap into that emotion.

— Many people do not know what they want because they do not know what is available.

— People buy what they want when they want it more than they want the money it costs.

People forget price but they’ll never forget poor quality or a poor choice.

You can change everything about your business by changing your thinking about your business.

— Prospects, regardless of the product you sell, always buy the benefits your product has for them. In short, when you convince the prospect that your product scratches where he itches, he will buy.

— Never give the prospect a choice between something and nothing. Let him choose between something and something else.

— It is unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing what it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot . .

Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale has remained at the top of the best-seller list due to its relevance and simplicity.

Believers are closers

Can you sell yourself, if you don’t believe in yourself? Ziglar stresses that you should believe in the product that you are selling. And you should be convinced about the price, that what you are selling is worth more than the price stated.

Ziglar emphasizes that the most important part of the sales process is the sales person. He asks the salesperson to practice integrity above all. According to numerous studies and research – people who buy from you do so because they like you, trust you and respect you. When you are in the business for long. You should overlook short-term gains.

Although the book is for salespeople it’s more about persuasion. And the principles can be applied by anyone and everyone. Most of the book is common sense but it will serve as a great refresher.

Zig Ziglar’s Secrets Of Closing The Sale is easy to read. Ziglar has included many personal anecdotes and stories. Though some of them seem old-fashioned (basic), but they are still relevant.

Your objective here should be to get something out of the book and not quickly get out of the book. For a successful sales career, Ziglar advises readers create a notebook to write down lessons learned. Then, as you gather your own experiences, add them amongst those to create your own guidebook for sales success.

If you are looking for a book that will give you a bunch of fancy sales talk and clever footsteps that will earn you a good career in sales, you’ve got the wrong book.

On the other hand, anyone who aspires to the top ranks of the sales profession via a combination of sincerity, hard work, and professionalism that will get them to the close of any sales situation, Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale is the book for them.

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