The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding l Book Review

Dubbed as one of the twenty-five Greatest Self-made Men in Modern History, Arnold Schwarzenegger has definitely come a long since his humble beginnings as small-town boy from Graz, Austria.

In 1968, after winning a string of bodybuilding contests, the penniless 21-year-old came to the United States to pursue his passion.

While earning his degree in business and economics from the University of Wisconsin, he was winning Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia titles left and right. He has won the title of Mr. Universe five times and Mr. Olympia seven times.

Arnold’s stage presence has also earned him the title of Hollywood Royalty where his movies have reportedly grossed over $3 billion worldwide to date.

Just when you think he’ll stop there, his star power catapulted him as the Governor of California in 2003 after serving as Chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under George H. W. Bush and as Chair of the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under Governor Pete Wilson.

Is there nothing this man can’t do? Apparently not as he has also written an 800-page book. 

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding 

Schwarzenegger’s foray into the realm of authorship is nothing short of a success, as his book, The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding is now recognized as “the bible of bodybuilding.

It not only covers the basic aspects of the sport that you have come to expect from these books, but it goes on to include history, diet and nutrition, treatment and prevention of injuries, and even sports psychology.

Bible of Bodybuilding

The book itself is divided into five parts where Schwarzenegger starts off with 90-page history lessons on bodybuilding. The starting chapter showcases and abundance of photos of past and current bodybuilders.

Arnold then proceeds to basic training principles, providing with a glossary of bodybuilding terms, and the use of different exercise equipment. Here, you will also learn about different body types, which serve as an attainable body guide for what individuals should strive for in bodybuilding.

The book continues on to teach various exercises and techniques; from the basics to intensity boosting routines. Do not expect Schwarzenegger to skimp on any information because he dedicates up to 300 pages worth of guides. He goes through each body part, giving tips on how to stretch the muscle and train weak points.

The New Encylopedia of Modern Bodybuilding- is an in-depth guide with an abundance of pictures and detailed instructions that is deemed very helpful for beginners and experienced trainers alike.

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding as a competition is introduced in the fourth part of the book. Here, various competition poses are visually demonstrated with a number of photos. You will also get an abundance of information from tanning and hairstyles to other aspects that entail competing. This part of the book is exceptionally helpful for competition aspirants as it teaches you how to best display your physique among other things.

The last part of the book is often overlooked by many thinking that the bodybuilding process is really just all about the training itself.

Schwarzenegger emphasizes how diet and nutrition also plays a huge role in bodybuilding. He tackles different types of diets, vitamins and minerals, supplements, and even discusses about the various injuries you may acquire during training and how to treat them.

No one knows bodybuilding than Mr. Universe himself so what better way to learn about the sport than from an expert in the field like himself.

The New Encylopedia of Modern Bodybuilding is an in-depth book that covers all aspects of bodybuilding and the use traditional and non-traditional text and visualization is truly helpful.

It is ideal for both beginners who are still starting out and have no clue and for experienced individuals looking to gain more information on how to hone their skills.

It emphasizes on working on your weak points and how you do so by changing up your routine and implementing the new techniques you’ve learned from this book.

Another important advice that you can take away from this book is that you should focus on what better suits your body type; from the workouts that you conduct to the poses that you display during the competition proper.

It adamant that you work on your body type rather than someone else’s. It’s a truly motivating book with words of encouragement from Schwarzenegger who he himself struggled when he first started out like so many individuals out there.

It’s a truly motivating book with words of encouragement from Schwarzenegger who he himself struggled when he first started out like so many individuals out there.

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