Stop Procrastinating About Your Fitness And Take Charge of Your Life

Stop Procrastinating About Your Fitness And Take Charge of Your Life

Deny it, avoid it, put it off – we have so many ways to describe procrastination.

When it comes to exercising or going to the gym, there’s always something an average man can name as getting in the way of staying on track. Whether it’s work stress, not enough time, saying you’ll start next week, or blaming the weather, it’s all too easy to come up with excuses.

Don’t let distractions keep you from your best. Everybody deals with difficulty in life. It’s ignoring your problems and avoiding confrontation that lets them balloon out of control.

As we keep pushing away our issues, they build up in our minds as insurmountable obstacles and add stress and anxiety to our lives. This is the basic definition of procrastinating and how it restricts our lives.

“It isn’t important right now, I will get to it later.”

“This will take time, let’s keep it for next week.”

What makes you want to Procrastinate?

  • When your to-do list is too big.
  • The activity becomes a chore.
  • When you are working on things that you are not passionate about.
  • Laziness

So what do you do?

  • When your to-do list is too big, keep it aside and start a new one.
  • If the activity becomes a chore, take time off to recharge. And then get back to it.
  • But if you are not passionate about it, drop it.
  • Laziness? Fight it or perish.

Unless you consciously decide to face procrastination head on, it has the power to slowly ruin your life, fitness, and stop you from making any progress toward your goals.

How to stop procrastinating?

To deal with procrastination, you need to start being honest with yourself. You have to very clear, why and what of things that you are putting off.

What you procrastinate? And why do you do it? Whether you postpone something because you don’t want to do something or is it because you don’t know how to?

You have to build a foundation by making a lifestyle change. If you want to get fit and lose weight, you need to admit to yourself where you’re at now and be realistic about your goals.

Procrastination leads to a mediocre life. I bet you don’t want that. Nobody wants that, yet thousands of men are stuck in the current.

Think of this as step one in creating a baseline for your success. Don’t beat yourself up for letting things slip, there are tons of reasons that people fall off track.

In any moment of decision, the best thing to do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

Theodore Roosevelt

The important thing is making that first step towards knowing where you’re at so you can start making small goals for where you want to go in life. It really gets easier from there. Your next move is to make a plan and make it happen.

Make a plan and set aside time to make this plan happen.

You have to take this seriously so you can really make the changes you’ve committed to a reality. Setting this time aside for real also helps ensure you won’t fall into the state of denial and excuses you were in beforehand. 

As you begin the process and set aside the time each day specifically for your commitments, you will witness just carrying it out gives you an immense sense of satisfaction. You’ll gain momentum and receive support and encouragement by getting help making your plan. You’ll surprise yourself by how all that nervousness and angst can become excitement towards meeting your workout goals week by week. 

Building a routine and making it into a habit will take time, but it will reinforce your ability to take action and gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Tired of procrastinating about going to the gym? Finding it difficult to make it to the gym?

Stop procrastinating about your fitness and take charge of your life.

  1. People avoid exercise when they find it uninteresting or laborious. Here’s what you can do – think about any activity you get pleasure from and do it. If you hate being hot and sweaty, you might consider swimming. If you don’t like being confined to a gym, go for a hike, or do cycling.
  2. Commit to a schedule and stick to it. Adopt fitness as a way of life, practice it like a religion. Make a promise to yourself that no matter what you will get your butt to the gym.
  3. Training partner – Find friends/training partner you can work out with, they will keep you motivated and accountable.
  4. Write down your goals – It’s hard to be on track and stay motivated if you don’t have a purpose. What gets you motivated?
  5. Something is better than nothing Don’t procrastinate? Just do it for 5 minutes, chances are after 5 minutes you might want to do it for another 30 minutes. Short of time? Have only 30 minutes to train? 15 minutes? Just do it. It will build momentum for next day. 
  6. Reward yourself on a regular basis. Get new shoes, workout outfit, supplements or whatever you like.
  7. Repeat.

Don’t let procrastination slowly creep into your life. It brings your progress to halt. Commit to being the person you want to be and stay organized. 

Once you get a taste of fitness lifestyle, you would never want to go back.

You are a soldier and this is a war, if you take the time to shoot, chances are you will get shot.

Don’t procrastinate. Go and kill.

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