Why You Should Lift

If there’s just one piece of advice I can give you, it’s this – start weight training. Period!

Resistance training not only gives you an edge over – belly fat, stress, heart disease, cancer but also improves your posture, bone density, neuromuscular coordination and it boosts brain functions.

Life is a contest. And you have to compete with yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether your end goal is living a healthy life, being muscular, possessing the strength of Hercules or succeeding at every aspect of your life. Weight training is the answer to all!

Strong body equals a strong mind. There’s a real correlation between your physical and emotional health. Weight training makes you a lot more emotionally resilient. Moreover, you also develop a sense of pride in taking care of yourself.

Weightlifting taught me how to love myself rather than the idea of other people loving me.

The most important thing it can do for you is- increase your confidence. And you know what, confidence begets, even more, confidence.

Athletes in every sport do weightlifting to reach their true potential. Weight training allows them to reach a level of human excellence as strong muscles contract quickly and produce more power.

Name the sport – boxing, football, hockey, basketball, wrestling, running. It is only through weight training they develop exceptional strength, power, speed and flexibility and precision of movement.

Strength training eliminates mental limitation – The first lesson of weight lifting is “Your body can do a lot more than your mind thinks it can do.”

Weight training is certainly not for whiners, losers and excuse makers. There’s no room for them, it’s a men’s world in the gym. I have been training for a little more than a year now and I’d say it’s a privilege to do bodybuilding.

Only an elite class in the world can afford it, the ones with strong will power and dedication.

It’s one of the most expensive sports in the world.

My grocery bill is high, for me, bodybuilding is as expensive as a new Honda car payment every month. I spend roughly $300 on groceries, $60-80 on supplements, another $100 or so for gym membership, other accessories etc every month.

Give or take I have been spending $500 every month on something that started as a hobby. That’s a lot more than an average Indian salary. But you know what, every penny I spend on it is totally worth it, for how it makes me feel.

Ps- People spend far more on crap such as fast food etc.

Imagine what a pro body builder in West might be spending on a shit load of food, supplements, growth hormones, testosterone, etc.

You have to work 24*7*365 days on your body. You have to be in the gym day in, day out.

It takes a lot of your time. Time is money!

Why you should lift?

Weightlifting is the only activity where you get to push your mind and body together.

Weightlifting is the only activity, which demands you to get out of your comfort zone, and push it to the max.

Magic happens when you get out of your comfort zone, it can help you evolve and grow as a person.

It provides a mean for goal setting not for anyone else in the world but, for oneself. And when you master the power of personal goal setting, the world is at your feet. You’d learn there’s nothing in this world that you can’t achieve by putting in some effort.

The iron will tell you what you are made up of. It will clarify who you are in your mind. Lifting weight is about doing better and being better.

“I can lift X pounds. I can do Y sets. I can do Z reps.This is what I’m capable of. This is who I am.”

True sense of freedom is experienced when you have a body that performs. If you aren’t working out or involved in any kind of active sport and your nutrition sucks; you are no better than a zombie.

Bodybuilding is the most expensive sport, but freedom comes with a price. Freedom was never attained for free. People gave their lives for freedom. Freedom is the true power. Sweat equity is the price you pay for freedom.

Success in one area which usually gives way to success in other areas of life. I give all the credit to iron therapy for making me who I am today.

In just one year it changed my life. I get eureka moments post workout, that’s the time I write. I framed half of this article when I was in the shower, post workout.

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As I said only an elite class in the world can stick to it, those who make fitness their religion. If you’re reading this, I assume all your basic survival needs are met. You have food, shelter, clothing and you are in no danger of starving to death. I assume your free time is spent on facebook, watching television, reading magazines or playing X-BOX.

Here’s the deal, you only get one body and it will be around a lot longer than that new Honda or any other expensive gadget you choose to buy. Don’t buy liabilities, invest in yourself, you are the finest asset you own!

                        The core of masculinity derives from hard work

Make iron your best friend, it will always be there for you, push you and it will never accept anything less than progress from you. Make that investment in yourself. It would pay you handsomely.

You know why I lift? I intend on being a badass 40 years old, a badass 50-year-old, and a badass 60 years old.
Choose your own reason, roll your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

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