Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Multivitamin Review

What is Animal Pak?

Animal Pak is a fully inclusive multivitamin ideal for individuals who train regularly and with intensity, particularly competitive athletes and bodybuilders.

The Pak is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement including vitamins C, D, E, and B alongside digestive and antioxidant assistance. Each serving is individually packed, and all include a sizeable numbers of capsules to swallow (11 per pack).

Used as part of a Universal Nutrition supplement routine, the Animal Pak focuses on vitamin supplementation, leaving things like joint and ligament support, fat burning, and energy-building to other products in the range.

Animal Pak is a perfect vitamins stack for your post-workout diet regimen. The amino acids and immune system supplementation make it ideal for muscle-building workouts and mass accretion.

Animal Pak Review

As a complete supplementation product, Animal Pak contains more than your standard serving of vitamins and minerals.

Available in capsule or powder form, this product serves as a replacement for a diverse supplementation routine, and you’ll be buying it instead of a number of other products.

The Animal Pak is the core of the Animal supplement stable, and you’ll be combining it with their Flex, Cut, or Stak products depending on your goals and training.

The digestive enzymes in this product make it useful for weight-trainers or athletes, as you’ll be able to get your calories faster and process them more efficiently. 

For recovery, the Animal Pak is filled with a full amino acid complex. Quick recovery times and efficiency are important for ensuring you don’t burn out at the gym.

Each serving comes conveniently wrapped, and while it’s a decent amount of capsules to swallow -particularly after a meal- that’s the price you’d expect to pay for such a complete supplement arrangement.

Having all the capsules in one place means it’s easy to carry them to the gym or your place of work for convenient ingestion at lunch time.

Universal Nutrition has been in business since 1977, and manufacture their own products in the U.S.

Animal Pak Pros

  • Comprehensive supplementation
  • Individually wrapped
  • Effective for cutting and bulking
  • Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids

Animal Pak Cons

  • Expensive
  • Capsules are large and can be difficult to swallow
  • Inconsistent dosages – a number of the listed ingredients are poorly dosed, occurring in insufficient quantities to warrant being there at all. Staples such as vitamin D, some amino acids, and BCAAs are added to bulk up the ingredients list rather than the product

What you can expect from Animal Pak

Reactions to this product are largely very positive, with customers praising the comprehensive coverage of the supplement and the noticeable effect on their energy levels and training effectiveness.

Endurance and strength athletes alike comment on the convenience of combining their vitamin and mineral needs into one package.

Recovery time appears to be a strong suit, with the product helping to reduce sluggishness and muscle soreness even during cutting cycles.

There are eleven capsules in total, and they’re occasionally difficult to swallow – particularly after a large meal. If you’re an athlete however you’ll be used to gulping down things so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

These are aimed at athletes with intense training regimens, so if you’re a casual gym-goer then perhaps you can stick to something that is a little less intensive.


An all-inclusive and efficient way to get your vitamin and mineral supplementation, the Pak is a convenient, if somewhat expensive option for serious athletes and gym-nuts trying to avoid buying a dozen different products. Completely suitable by itself, this product nevertheless shines when combined with cutting or bulking supplementation as per your needs, because combining your vitamins leaves you more room to finesse your supplement regime.

How to Take Animal Pak

Animal Pak comes in a pack off eleven tablets. I usually take them with my post workout meal which is usually my largest meal of the day. It helps in better absorption and utilization of all the nutrients.

On non-training days, you can take it with breakfast or lunch.

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