Universal Nutrition Animal Flex Review

What is Animal Flex?

Animal Flex is a joint and ligament supplement that is specially designed for serious athletes and hardcore body builders.

Joint support and maintenance is crucial for any serious athlete – keeping your joints lubricated and strong helps prevent injury, improve performance, and increases recovery times.

Part of Universal Nutrition’s ‘Animal’ range, Flex offers comprehensive joint support and recovery aid. Animal market this product as a joint ‘constructor’: facilitating recovery and reconstruction of joints rather than simple maintenance and lubrication.

While designed to protect your joints from daily wear-and-tear, this product really excels as part of an intensive training and supplementation routine.

Gym-goers and athletes alike will see the most benefit from this, particularly if they’re performing complex compound motions like squats and high-intensity cardio workouts, both of which put a lot of stress on the joints.

Animal Flex Review

The Flex pack offers a triple-threat joint-care system: joint construction, lubrication, and vitamin/mineral supplements for overall joint health.

The primary function of joint supplementation is lubrication, and in this category, the Flex pack contains hyaluronic acid (HA), cetyl myristoleate (CMO) and the classic flax seed oil in order to ensure smooth internal movement. Runners in particular benefit from these, as the product contains natural oils to sustain the synovial fluid and rebuild cartilage.

Herbal extracts such as turmeric (I am a big fan of turmeric for it’s numerous health benefits), boswellia, and ginger also help to reduce swelling or inflammation, meaning more time training and less time hobbling about.

Long-term weightlifters benefit a lot from a combination of all these ingredients present in Animal Flex, as all-important exercises like squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses, curls and extensions put significant strain on the joints.

Universal Nutrition Animal Flex Review

Animal Flex

While Flex isn’t a total multivitamin solution, there are vitamins and minerals included such as vitamins C, E, zinc, selenium, and manganese, which catalyze antioxidant usage and cell growth. They also help to fire-up the metabolic processes behind healing.

Added Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) does a great job of maintaining your tendons and ligaments.

Like other Animal products, Flex is choc-full of material, which means you’ll only be taking it once daily.

For joint reconstruction, you’ve got the standard Glucosamine, a staple of joint care. Chondroitin helps to deter cartilage degradation and facilitate rebuilding.

Like other secondary supplement products from Universal Nutrition, Animal Flex is best taken with the core Animal Pak as part of a strength or stamina routine.

Universal tend to list their ingredients as blends, which makes it difficult to identify the dosages of the constituent parts. If you’re looking for pre-workout pumps or fat-burning, other products like Animal Cuts and Animal Rage are more suitable and – conveniently- can be used in tandem with this product.

Animal Flex Pros

  • Triple-threat joint support system
  • Convenient packaging
  • Aids in rehabilitation process of old injuries
  • Replaces a host of other products
  • Comprehensive vitamins and minerals supplement

Animal Flex Cons

  • Lots of capsules (8 per pack) to take per serving
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Contains proprietary blends

What you can expect from Animal Flex

As with other products from Universal Nutrition, the consensus around Animal Flex is extremely positive; hardcore trainers praise it as a cost-effective solution to exercise recovery and joint care.

As mentioned, the product is perfect for those whose exercise routine includes high-intensity, heavy weights, repetitive exercises. For bodybuilders, this means motions like bicep and hamstring curls, barbell rows and joint-intensive exercises like lunges and squats.

If you’re a cardio-nut, then sprints and lengthy runs will exact a significant toll on the joints from impact and friction, it’s worth taking the eight pills included in the product to protect your knees, and back in the long term.


An excellent joint repair and recovery products best used as part of a larger supplementation routine, Animal Pak is a proven and effective product, and Universal as a whole are to be trusted with their blends.

Joint support is crucial to long-term success in the gym or on the field, so don’t overlook the Flex package.

Caring for your joints now helps to prevent long-term degenerative issues and injury.

How to Take Animal Flex

Animal Flex comes in a pack. You need to take once a day with a meal. You can take it every day, both training and non-training days.

If you are using any other Animal products, such as Animal Pak or Animal Stak, it would be a good approach to space them out throughout the day rather than taking them all at once.

I use Animal Pak and Animal Flex and what I do is take Animal Pak along with post workout meal (lunch) which is usually my largest meal of the day, then take Animal Flex with my evening meal. In between, I drink lots of water. 

Animal Flex is proven to be beneficial especially for bodybuilders and athlete undertaking rigorous training since it supports optimal joint health.

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