Turning Dreams Into Reality

As a university grad, I always dreamt about having a great life. And like every other guy on this planet; I aspired about being rich enough to travel the world, I dreamt of owning big cars, I dreamt of having a Greek god’s physique and getting a lot more attention from fairer sex.

3 years after graduation and nothing good happened. I started my own business, I became an entrepreneur; but I was no better than a zombie. All I did was eat, work, sleep and repeat. I was just doing the same thing over and over again.

Life was easy, my meals were served to me at my bed and I was getting comfortable. I think it is very common for a man to settle into an easy situation. Slightest of a thing that got me out of my comfort zone, used to bother the hell out of me.

“Staying within your comfort zone leaves room for stagnation. Whatever you do, avoid becoming stagnant”

Geremy Satcher

I spent weeks and months and years waiting for the “right time”. But the right time never came. It was only one day I had a wake-up call. It was like now or never. I knew if I continue living like this I’d be the same man in 10 years that I am now. And there’s no chance that I’d be proud of who I become eventually. I knew I’d get grayer, but no WISER!

Was I looking for an inspiration? I still don’t know what was I waiting for until I actually started living my life. I realized there’s no tomorrow today is the future; I am young and I can do anything I want to do.

I started bodybuilding. And with all the free time at work, I started reading books and blogs online rather than spending mindless hours on Facebook. I embarrassed the life-long path of self-improvement.

Year 2015 has proven to be the true power of hope and faith, of believing in the unknown. I started writing my goals down on a paper. This one habit helped me to go to next level in every area of my life. I have already started crossing things off my bucket list.

I have already crossed these off my list:

1. Backpack to at least 3 countries- Brazil, Peru, Argentina.
2. Wonders of the world- Climbed Machu Picchu, been to Christ the Redeemer and the mighty Iguazu Falls.
3. Experience Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu- It’s a great fighting skill, just not my type.
4. Become an active stock market investor.
5. Start a new e-commerce website- Knits&Knots
6. Sculpt a great body- I’m evolving every day
7. Start a lifestyle blog- You’re reading me.

I have made a habit of accomplishing each of my dreams. I turned all my dreams into reality. 

Dreams → Goals → Projects

Once you write your dreams they become your goals, that’s step one. I was eating clean and lifting heavy but I wasn’t going in any direction. I wasn’t seeing much improvement in my absolute strength. So, I wrote 300lbs bench press on a piece of paper.

Once I wrote it down on a paper, my lifts went up from 180lbs 1RM(Rep max) to 250lbs 2RM in 8 weeks. It will only take 10-12 weeks more before I will be able to lift 300lbs.

I turned my dream of getting stronger into a goal and soon my goal became a project, I did everything I could to increase my lifts. Change in diet and training was part a part of my project, which otherwise I might not have implemented.
Ps- Your goals must have deadlines

Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate!

An inch of movement gets you more closer to your goals than a mile of intention! Take action!!

Here’s my list for year 2016:

1. Backpack across 3 countries
2. Practice MMA and Muay Thai for 8-12 weeks in Thailand
3. Start generating high returns from my website biz
4. Single digit body fat percentage (visible 6 pack abs)
5. Triple my investment and earnings in stock market
6. Become one of the most popular lifestyle blogger in India by the end of 2016

It’s amazing how universe acts when you write something down and talk about it. Talk about your goals, tell everyone you know, talk about it passionately.

When you talk about it not only you will be accountable to them which would drive you to work towards your goals harder, but also you never know who’s friend of a friend might be able to help you. Most people want to help, and they get more inclined to help you when they see you making a difference in the world.

While I was being interviewed for my Brazilian tourist visa, the secretary to the Brazilian ambassador after seeing my zeal and knowing my plans of backpacking, not only gave me visa instantly, he personally made a call to the Peruvian and Argentinean embassy requesting them to grant me visa (hassle-free).

Enthusiasm is infectious…And people want to help.

You might also come across people who’d say- That’s stupid / That isn’t possible / Get real / Do you know the consequences.

Screw the naysayers!  Keep away from those who belittle your ambitions. Ostracize them.

“All men dreams: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.” 

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence of Arabia

A man sets goals and demolishes them. A man doesn’t care what others think about him, because he got nothing to prove to anyone, but himself.

If you can visualize it, you can achieve it. Take action and grab what is yours. Turn your dreams into reality. Be the man you always wanted to become. Never settle and never look for approval.

You have all the opportunities that ever existed in the entire world!

Until next time


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