Three Steps To Success in Gym

steps to success in gym

For developing strength and more muscle mass, I have started lifting really heavy, touching a new PR almost every week.  And I often see people seeing my lifts with wide eyes. Now that I have completely restructured my body composition, people have started noticing it and I get complemented a lot.

I also get frequently asked about what kind of supplements I take? As if supplementation is the only key.

Only yesterday while I was doing Alpha Male Posture ExerciseA man who I knew outside of the gym, walks up to me and inquire what supplements do I take? Do I take pre-workout?

He was doing side lateral raises, his form was completely wrong.  He then told me, that he had been using supplements for a while now, he had tried it all and it seemed like nothing worked for him. Yes he developed little strength and little body mass in past 2 years.

Now, most of the guys are either lazybones who eats junk food and never indulge in any kind of sports or exercise.

And unfortunately, the majority of guys who take action and hit the gym are going about it in all the wrong ways possible, mostly because of lack of experience and no proper guidance about exercise, diet or supplementation.

I see people running their lives on treadmill and elliptical machines, or cycling for hours; hoping that these cardio machines would make them ripped and muscular (Read: develop industry standardized 6-pack abs), as if they’re sweating fat out of their bodies.

If your body type is fat or skinny fat, doing dieting and cardio would only serve to keep you looking soft and weak. I hate the word dieting. Dieting is unsustainable, it worked for no one.

You need to eat right foods regularly and implement proper strength training routine in order to get results. Simply doing cardio will do nothing but burn muscle mass and if you do end up losing weight, you’ll only end up looking a weaker version of yourself. Lifting weights does the opposite. It boosts your metabolism, builds muscle and sculpts your body.

A few others do a mindless weight training routine. They come to the gym lift few weights with no direction in particular, hoping they’d sculpt a great body just like that by throwing in some protein shake with creatine post workout. They eat shitty diets, barely sleep and make every possible excuse for not being able to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle.

I see people avoiding putting in the hard work necessary to change their bodies.

I see people getting frustrated and quitting when they don’t get immediate results.

How can you expect to get ripped or your muscles to grow magically, even though your habits are fucking with your goals?

Three Steps to Success in Gym

Every second you spend is costing you money. Sweat equity is valuable. Follow them step by step to get the most out of your sweat and create your dream body.

  1. Improve your lifts Don’t be cheap on this one, be a man. Rather than buying that new gadget or designer label, hire a personal trainer. Lifting weights is in itself a science. Consider it as an investment on yourself. You’d acquire knowledge that would be with you for the rest of your life and it will only serve you.

I’d recommend hiring one for a minimum period of 6 months. In those 6 months, you’d need to master muscular contractions—the concentric and eccentric portions. You’d want to master the basics (compound movements) – squats, dead-lifts, bench press and standing military presses.

Focus on developing strength by lifting heavy, your trainer will act as a spotter and will check on your form. Your trainer will get you out of your comfort zone. Ask him to change your workout routine every 5-6 weeks, that way you’d master more exercises.

Meanwhile, educate yourself about various workout routines on bodybuilding.com; be inquisitive about your training; ask questions to your trainer.  Soon enough you’ll learn to train based on your intuition and not some schedule.

Ps- To get the most out of your trainer, workout for at least a month or two prior and get familiar with the gym.

  1. Improve your nutrition – No matter who your trainer is or what /how many supplements you plan to take, if your nutrition sucks, you’d never reach your true potential. You become what you eat. Your performance in the gym and the results you get is directly proportional to your diet and nutrition. Your body is the best engine ever designed, it performs 24*7. A high-end engine requires a high-end octane fuel, as simple as that!


Steps to success in gym

You don’t put sugar in a Ferrari!

It will take some time and diligence before you master nutrition. Till then follow the basics–Replace your carbonated /sugary drinks and junk food with natural fruit juices and whole foods. Each of your meal should have a minimum of 25-30gms of protein. Add vegetables to your diet. Experiment!

Nutrition is all about about-timing, quantity, and quality.

Ps- Do not make drastic changes to your diet, which you can’t sustain. It is small changes that go a long way.

  1. SupplementationIf you are not getting your training and diet(literally) right, there’s no point in taking them. Supplements will help you step up your game. Supplements will give you that extra edge to take your workout to next level. But remember they can never outsmart whole foods, use supplements for convenience and to supplement a diet.

Eat like a Pro, Train like a Beast

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