20 Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

‘It takes a lot to know a man’, sings Damien Rice. But what does it take to be one?

If a woman is, presumably, a flower to blossom and bring joy, then what are the attributes that her male counterpart should have?

Below I have listed 20 skills that are essential for every man to posses. Not because he can’t live without them – just like a flower might never blossom and still survive – but because they could make his life much more enjoyable to live.

Besides, what do you want to be in life? An average Joe or a man who makes an impression?

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

1. The ability to Tie a Tie

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

If you want to graduate from clueless Neanderthal to man, learn how to properly tie a necktie!

There’s a really strong independent feel to it. Imagine walking into a room for an important business meeting and knowing that you did it yourself. A quiet voice will keep on mumbling: you did that; you can do anything. It could do miracles to your mood and confidence. And of course, you can’t just expect from your mother to tie your necktie all your life!

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2. Knowing how to Build a Campfire

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Knowing how to build a campfire is a nifty skill for surviving the wilderness. – Man vs Wild

Tens of thousands of years ago, a hairy caveman rose above the rest of the primates by building a campfire for his tribe. Can you say you can do the same in the 21st century? If not, you better learn.

In any case, you can impress friends and family on camping holidays and summer barbeques. If you’re a mountain person, you should know that nothing contributes to the overall excitement better than a self-made fire. If you’re not a mountain person, just imagine how impressive this skill would be in the eyes of your little toddler one day.

Nevertheless, you never know what times await or when that zombie apocalypse might happen.

3. Reading Comprehension

Skill Sets Every Man Must MasterSure, you can read Swimsuit Illustrated. Literacy, after all, is the mark of a civilized man. The point here is not the mere ability to read text on a page. It’s about your ability to understand what’s written. It takes more to truly understand a book than just glide your look along the surface of the page.

To be a real reader means to be able to see the idea behind each sentence, to analyze the thoughts of the author, to interpret. A man, who is able to do that, is a man who thinks intelligently and with real understanding.

4. Negotiate Confidently

Many of the things in our lives require negotiating. For example, rent, job contracts, traffic tickets, cab fare and side of the bed just to name a few. A man must know how to negotiate to his advantage. People do things for emotional reasons and not logical explanations. 

You need to learn to understand what the other party wants to get out of the deal, and respect that. A man who throws his hands up in the middle of a discussion or gets into a fit will never be a good negotiator, and thus will essentially fail in many things in life.

Ideally you should be able to talk your way out of anything. Time to hone your skills [easyazon_link identifier=”0553281097″ locale=”US” tag=”lifest89-20″]You Can Negotiate Anything[/easyazon_link] is a must in your library.

5. Being able to Repair Things

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

The savior of the party, the savior of the business meeting, and the savior of that dinner with her parents…A man is a hero if he can fix the sink on a Sunday afternoon when the service is ‘brilliant’ and the food is waiting to be cooked.

Can you fix that leak in the tap, get the door to lock? If not, learn how to right away.

6. Know how to do Squats and Deadlifts

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Basically, there are only two exercises a man needs to build a  strong, toned body. Nevertheless, a strong man is a helpful, independent and capable man. The screams of our ancestors still echo in our minds: we need strength, because danger is all around us. And it feels so good to know that you could be a protector if needed.

These compound exercises creates more stimulus for growth and prompts your body to produce more testosterone naturally… Now load up the bar and get stronger!

7. Ability to change a Flat Tire

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

It happens – You are driving on along deserted road, and bam, your tire’s as flat as the road you are driving on. Relying on the help of others could be tricky and you’re almost bound to be late for that terribly important appointment. Besides you will be able to help other drivers on the highway.

Let alone the fact that you could avoid crossing paths with psychopaths(does Wolf Creek ring your bells?). Know the essentials and claim your man points.

8. Kick down a Locked Door

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Yes, you have always wanted to do that

It isn’t just a Keanu Reeves’ thing. Emergencies break out in the most unexpected times and places. Whether it is to save his wife from drowning in the tub, lost key, or a toddler accidentally lock themselves up in the bedroom, a man should always be prepared.

9. Know how to use a Map

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Can you find North without a compass?

Technology doesn’t always help, especially if you’re in the middle of a mountain trail and your battery is down. Or on the road to heaven in your car with no internet and a tricky GPS, so to speak. At some point every man might be in the position of Columbus when trying to find the right way.

Jokes aside, using a map and a compass is not only fun and potentially useful, it also trains our memory and increases brain activity, so grab that map and start exploring – it could only do you well.

10. Choose the right Suit out of many

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

The right suit will make you look like the real man that you are

Be careful here. Choosing the right suit is crucial. Buying a suit is not the same as picking a t-shirt off the on-sale aisle. Not only if you’re a businessman who has to wear one at least five days a week. Especially if you’re not such a businessman. Because in this case you will only need to buy two or three in your whole life. And you’d better get the right ones!

You will have to pick a suit based on fit, size, color, material, durability and whether it requires alterations. You should also be sure to pick the right shoes for the right style so that your overall looks could be complete.

11. Mind his Body Language and Etiquette

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Words don’t really say much – only about 7% if we have to be precise. The rest of it is nonverbal communication and manners. For example, a firm handshake, as opposed to a weak one, will get you through difficult deals.

Proper manners at the dinner table will convey you as a trustworthy man of respectability. Being aware of your body language and not letting the subconscious part of yourself betray you, is of great importance.

Men are perceived largely on how they present themselves in social contexts. If you want people to take you seriously, know your etiquette.

12. Iron his Clothes

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Invest in an ironing board

Don’t get stuck always sending your shirts to the dry cleaners. The time will come when you’ll be stuck with no other option but to break out the ironing board and go to work on those sleeves. Especially if you are a single, independent man who cannot rely on his mother anymore.

The creases on your shirt could make you seem like a neglectful and careless man. Many people judge before thinking and make deductions about your personality before knowing anything about you. Sometimes such people might be the ones determining your future, so the ability to iron your clothes could do you wonders.

13. Good Situational Awareness and a back-up skill of a Knockout Punch

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Being able to react quickly to certain stimuli is utterly important. A man should always know what is going on around him since anything could happen at any moment. I am not being paranoiac here. And I’m not talking only about the bad possibilities. All I’m saying is that a man should be able to grab every moment with the right grip to keep oneself and others out of harm’s way.

This is, in fact, the main reason why every man should know how to knock someone out – In order to stop a fight and let things cool off rather than go for the real danger. If there is no other way out of a serious situation, a knockout punch could literally save lives.

14. Know how to do Pushups and Pullups

Skill Sets Every Man Must MasterAppearance matters; it’s a fact. Not because beauty will save the world (although Dostoevsky said it pretty right) but because the way a man looks like says something about his character.

Of course, genetics are a huge factor in building a great physique. But you can go beyond what nature gave you, you can outperform your genetics. Learn to do pull-ups and push-ups; you tell the world that you are a perseverant and dedicated man. End of story.

15. Know how to Cook

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Find your specialty and master it; it could make a great impression

In the wild, men who can’t cook, starve to death.  Knowing your way around the kitchen can be intimidating at first, but even with just a single pot you can make tasty meals that will impress friends, family, and dates alike.

Start off with eggs, pancakes. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can work on creating a signature dish you can perfect for special occasions. Even if you don’t become a great cook, you will at least be self-sufficient.

16. Impress with Small Talk

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Leave your listeners in awe

Small talk will get you through awkward social situations and improve your self-confidence. It’s an art form that you will master with practice. A man should be able to make small talk with just about anyone, be it the boss or a stranger at a coffee shop. You never know when a random question about cars could lead to a cherished relationship.

It’s an important people skill and once you master it, you’d network efficiently, make more friends, get more dates(bonus) and get ahead in your life.

17. Ask a Woman on a Date

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

As modern as this world is, most women still expect men to make the first step. This means not only knowing how to generally ask a woman out, but also being able to decide how exactly to ask that one special woman on a date.

It means studying the character and attitude of mind of the lady so that she would be truly delighted to meet a man who has the right approach towards her. Be patient, respectful and also know when to take a hint.

18. Massaging know-how

Everyone loves getting massages, and that why it’s sometimes highly beneficial for a man to know to give a massage.

Single? It’ll certainly get you ranked high in the pool of potential mates. Trust me on this, it feels good to make a woman smile. More simply, you can use your massaging skills to alleviate aching muscles after a hard day at work.

19.  Storytelling skills

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Prerequisite of being a great dad

This is how it all began. All knowledge, beliefs, fears and hopes passed on from one generation to the other with the power of words. Do you know which men are remembered in history? The ones who could tell a darn good story, possibly sitting around a campfire. Stories are entertaining and more absorbing. Besides, who doesn’t love a story ? Humans beings are story machines…we delight in stories!

“What is life, if not a story?”

Shobhit Choudhary

I understood it’s significance when I became an Uncle. Many men have forgotten how important it is to speak nowadays, though. The use of emoticons and simple phrases has been dominating over real talking in the past few decades.
It’s not an easy task, putting experience into words. It takes a little bit of reading, a little bit of practice and a willingness to open up yourself and let passion merge with ration. But once you learn to turn events and thoughts into stories, you are ready to conquer the world. It matters. It really does.

20. Open bottles without an opener

Skill Sets Every Man Must Master

Can you open a coke or a beer bottle without an opener? Why the hell not? Ideally, you should be able to pop a metal cap off a bottle with your teeth. If not, you need a good set of improvisational skills to use a device at hand (example keys,door handles) to open a bottle when you are out with friends or at home with a date.

While you are at it, learn how to use a corkscrew or a similar implement to open wine bottles on romantic night outs. Just be careful – a cork in the forehead could definitely change the mind of that special woman even if she has just said ‘yes’.

What do you think? How many of the above can you already do? Have I missed something just as important?

Let me know!

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