Peanut Butter On Everything

peanut butter on everythingIn order to add more muscle mass to your frame you need quality protein, fats and carbs to recover at a remarkable rate.

There’s no substitute for whole foods (food that is unprocessed), eating foods in its natural state ensures your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients.

Processed foods are mostly filled with chemical preservatives to give them a long shelf life. These chemicals are mostly toxic for our bodies. People who eat lots of processed foods tend to be hungry most of the time for they starve their bodies of nutrients.

I mostly prefer eating whole foods for my protein intake rather than gulping down protein shakes all day long.

Being an eggetarian major source of protein for me has always been eggs. I had been eating an average of 12-15 egg whites a day past 1 year. I do love eating eggs but if anyone had asked me to eat anymore I’d have choked to death.

Other than cottage cheeses, pulses, chickpeas I had already been eating nuts such as almonds, walnuts, sesame seed. But the protein content in these foods is significantly low.

I was looking for other healthy sources of quality protein but I was also on a lookout to add some flavor to add to my diet. I found out that peanuts which are highly underrated nuts in India had an amazingly higher protein content of 25gms per 100gms.

Peanuts are also rich in monounsaturated fats which are good for heart. They are also a good source of vitamin E, Niacin, Folate, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium (one of the most important trace mineral).

Not only peanuts are quite cheap compared to other nuts, they have a higher protein and iron content. Thus peanut is a win-win.

I started eating roasted peanuts with home-made curd at lunch. But there was a limit to the quantity of peanuts that I could eat to reach my targeted macros. And soon I got bored of it.


peanut butter on everything



Only few months ago I added peanut butter to my stack. I can hardly explain my expressions when I tasted peanut butter for the first time, it was different.

I had to try it again just to be sure of the taste. And now I’d say the taste is just euphoric. Ever since then I have been opening jar after jars!

Even my 2 year old nephew loves it; he hasn’t started speaking fluently yet, but he keeps on repeating “it’s good” once I hand over a spoon full of PB to him.

It’s now in the list of ‘top priority’ food, when I do grocery shopping.

I eat  2-3 spoonful of it every day which is approximately 8-12gms of protein.  It’s a great healthy snack you can just eat it at anytime of the day. It would surely help you reach your targeted macros.

Don’t be scared of the saturated fats content, they’re crucial for production of testosterone and other growth hormones.

Because of higher fat content it’s high in calories. But I don’t worry much about my calorie intake for I eat clean most of the time. Also I am in the growing phase so the extra calories only help in building more muscles.

Even if you are on diet, its high fat content might even help you feel more satiated with fewer calories

Peanut Butter on Everything

  • You can eat it as desert with some chocolate(post-workout)
  • You can eat it with some milk when hunger craves in at midnight.
  • If you want a quick and healthy snack, try having an apple with some peanut butter.

I add it to my post-workout shake alongside other ingredients. My shakes are in itself a meal. I add milk, dry fruits, peanut butter, banana/apple/papaya, egg whites, oats whatever I get my hands at.

peanut butter on everything

Protein = 50gms, Calories = 900 Approx. Remove the walnuts and you cut 300 calories


Oatmeal with whey protein, milk, molten peanut butter, nutella, banana and cashew nuts.

peanut butter on everything


Banana chocolate peanut butter sandwich is another meal which I greatly relish. I put 1 spoon peanut butter evenly on each slice of bread (I prefer brown), then I put banana slices all over the bread, swirl chocolate syrup for the flavor, cut it in half and wrap to go.

The combination of banana, chocolate and peanut butter is outstanding.

peanut butter on everything

Protein = 12gms, Calories = 350 Approx

You can even heat/ grill the sandwiches on a nonstick pan or a skillet over medium heat for two minutes on each side.

Personally I don’t think there’s anything else in this world that could possibly taste better than melting peanut butter in your mouth.

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to prepare this meal. I mostly carry them to work as my mid-day snack. You can carry it wherever you want, without worrying to refrigerate for few hours.

This meal has perfect balance of good proteins, fats, simple & complex carbohydrates; good calories to keep you energized.

PS- It tastes best with coffee milk!

You can also add whey protein to it, just add ½ scoop whey protein, put all the ingredients in a blender and you’re good to go. Add some water if need be.

Update – I’ve tried a couple of brands and I’d absolutely recommend [easyazon_link identifier=”B00B99OHZK” locale=”US” tag=”lifest89-20″]this High Protein Spread[/easyazon_link] which has added whey protein isolate.

Try this out and let me know in the comments below how much you like it.

For me, I could only wish they make a bigger jar of it!