The Only Thing You Need to Succeed is – Momentum!

The Only Thing You Need to Succeed is – Momentum

If you observe successful people carefully, you will find that they are always hustling or are on to something new. You’d see they are full of energy and are driven by momentum and that is the key to their success.

Momentum is a powerful force that can put you ahead in life and lead you to accomplish all your goals. Momentum causes a domino effect where one thing falls after another when one success follows another.

Momentum is when thing happen effortlessly and growth comes quickly.

Momentum is what separates you from couch potatoes

momentumNewton’s First Law of Motion:

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

If you want to thrive you need to create the momentum. And once you do it, you will see big changes in your life. This holds true for all the aspects of your life – be it business, education, relationships, self-improvement or bodybuilding.

Actions create momentum, and momentum creates results. To make your own fortune and to be successful sooner you need to take more action and get busier.

Work consistently and put the odds in your favor. Try more things, take more chances, show up every day and you will build enough momentum.

According to the law of probability, the more things you try, the more likely it is that you will try the one thing that will make all of the difference.

It’s hard to get that momentum started

Objects in the state of rest remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.

Getting started is the most difficult part. It’s only initiating something that takes a lot of work, thereafter it only gets easy.

You know launching a satellite into space requires an enormous amount of energy? The rocket engine slowly builds velocity and soon it’s up to 25,000 mph or more. And once the satellite is aligned to its desired orbit, it only needs occasional propulsion to make minor corrections and stay on track.

Yes, it takes lots of work; you have to sweat everyday to start a new blog, a business or implement a fitness plan. And once it starts you have to work even harder to keep it going for a while. And then? It only gets easier!

Little victories lead to big victories. Small wins create snowball effect which leads to bigger accomplishments.

Snowball effect – The snowball starts small at the top of the hill, but as it rolls down the hill, it collects more snow and gets bigger and bigger.

Pick-up Artists define momentum as – seduction in action

They recommend building social momentum when heading out by opening up to as many people as possible: guys, girls, bartender, etc.

  • Building social momentum puts you in the mood to make more approaches. It gets you social proof which demonstrates high value. It demonstrates traits of an alpha male and displays social intelligence.
  • It allows you to build a huge amount of social power within yourself. You start feeling like you can do anything. It then gets super easier to start a great conversation with a hot girl and get her number.

Haven’t you noticed when working out, traveling, gaming, business and anything in life; the more that you do it, the more you want to do it?

To understand momentum better let’s take blogging for example

Victor Pride runs Bold and Determined (one of the best men’s lifestyle and fitness blogs out there) through which he has been changing lives of thousands of men. Victor Pride started his blog in 2010 and worked his ass off writing great articles and marketing them for three years straight before he got the spotlight.

He now writes once or maybe twice a month and his blog is still growing. He makes millions and his works from around the world. His business and blog will continue to grow even if he puts in just a little work.

When you start a blog it takes a lot of work to reach the level that you would define as successful. To grow your community takes a lot of work – researching your topic, writing, commenting on other blogs, networking, SEO, finding compelling images, social media, guest posting, etcetera, etcetera.

It’s a massive amount of work and I have been doing it for the past few months now. Results? I started getting good traffic and in less than three months my blog’s ranking improved drastically. For what most bloggers take one year to reach, I took three months.

My Experience

The only thing most people struggle with is changing their diet. Because they tend to it overnight and expect immediate results which they don’t see and thus fail.

How did it work for me?

I was consistent and I put momentum on my side. I didn’t implement any major dietary changes. I started with eating multiple small meals a day; I added a few eggs and nuts to my diet.

Gradually I learned to listen to my body’s’ demands and today I eat clean 90% of the times and it doesn’t seem like work at all. If I had started eating like this from the very first day I doubt I could have sustained it. I’d have never learned that food can be an influential factor in your life.

Every time I touched a new personal record (PR) in the gym, I built, even more, momentum and I was ready for making another PR.

Seeing the changes in me, people started seeking me out for advice. I could see making a positive impact in people’s lives. That built even more momentum for me.

In the gym, you set yourself a goal. And when you reach one goal, you set another one.

Every time I publish a new article, it builds me ever more momentum, I get more visitors, subscribers which further motivates me to write even better content. It’s like a chain reaction.

How to Develop Momentum

Know why you’re doing it – New Year’s resolutions suck! 

Have a reason, set a goal. If you have a deeper reason, you’ll keep going no matter what obstacles you face. Keep in focus of the bigger goal and get in the zone.

I set myself a goal; I wanted to be the best I can be. I had the bigger picture in my mind and I changed my habits. I didn’t dream it, I started living it every day.

Every morning I look forward to waking up, eating good foods, hitting the gym and spending time with my family.

Every morning I read something, I make myself some coffee and a nice big omelet, I prepare my lunch and that sets me in the momentum for the day. It’s a big part of my routine and contributes to my success every day.


Discover your calling – Find what area in your life you want to have profound success. Develop a vision for where you want to go and keep that vision out front. Write it down on a paper and turn your dreams into reality.

Sharks must constantly swim or they’ll die

Consistency – The turtle always beats the hare. Commit and anything is possible. Discipline allows you to build momentum. Discipline is what helps you build momentum and keeps you ahead of your competition. Your best competition is yourself.

In his book, Mastery Robert Greene states that the key to anything right is repetition. Do yourself a favor, read this book. It’ll change your perspective of success.

Show up every day to whatever you want to do or become. Be fast and steady. Things will get easier; you’d start noticing the change and soon you’d build enough momentum that will keep you going.


Decide if your habits and behaviors are in line with whatever you want to achieve success in. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

Now hit the gym, eat clean, work hard towards your goals and win every day.

To your success!


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