How to Save Money While Shopping Online: Tips for Young Couples

Online stores have one great quality – the simplicity and speed with which a visitor can make a purchase. Even if you are on the pages of huge online selling platforms, all you need to get to the right product in the catalog is enter its name in the search bar and click on the confirmation button.

Actually, the already mentioned simplicity leads to one problem – quite a lot of money can be spent quickly and easily. The cunning tricks of marketers are able to push users to buy even those things that they, in fact, do not really need.

How to avoid it and save your young couple a considerable sum? Read below.

· Sign up for the mailing

It is unlikely that anyone will enjoy reading the unnecessary email. But we do not just do it like that, do we? The thing is that companies often offer various special offers primarily to their subscribers. And sometimes only to them, in an exclusive manner. Some online stores are ready to offer you an excellent discount (up to 30%) for just registering and leaving an e-mail address.

By subscribing to the online stores with the right products, you can save a lot of money. You can unsubscribe without problems when you purchase the product you like, so do not ignore this chance – almost every online store does the newsletter with discount codes from time to time.

· Hunt for coupons and promotional codes

There is nothing wrong with always looking for promotional codes before making a purchase. To do this, you can use coupon aggregator sites, subscription to newsletters, and simply search on Google for the request “{product name} + promotional code/discount.” Sometimes ads on a dating site can promote different discounts.

In addition, if the online store allows this, combine the promotional codes in the correct order. Let’s say you have a promotional code for a 20% discount and a coupon for -$15 from the price. In this case, first, use the promotional code for a 20% discount, and then a coupon with a fixed discount. This will save you more.

· Look for free shipping

Sometimes it will be even more profitable than just looking for a lower price. For example, book delivery may cost $5. In the first store, it will cost $20 with free delivery, and in the second – $18, but you will have to pay for the delivery. As a result, it will be more profitable for you to purchase it in the first online store, despite the higher price of the product itself.

· Choose the right day

Even if you have the opportunity to enjoy thoughtful browsing of catalogs of online stores, spending this whole afternoon on Sunday, you should change this habit because most online stores for some reason offer discounts and special offers on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Nothing prevents you from seeing this yourself – just subscribe to the newsletter and see what days you receive promotional codes and promotional items. If the theory is confirmed, you already know what to do.

· Use price aggregators

These are special sites where offers of the same goods are presented but from different sellers. Having typed the name of the desired product and launched a search in the internal database, in just a second or two you will receive a list of offers of this product from various sellers with the ability to sort by price.

· Implement some more tricks

The sites of many online stores have the opportunity to start an online chat with a consultant if you have any questions regarding the product or service. You can use this in order to ask for a small discount, and there is every chance that you can get it. But you do not need to do this right away, first pretend that you are just an inquisitive buyer.

· Use the price tracking option

This is true if you are going to buy expensive things, such as a laptop or TV. Some online stores give potential buyers the ability to track the price of their favorite products. Or you can use other sites designed specifically for that. After that, you will receive notifications by e-mail every time the price changes. And since the product itself is not cheap, you can wait.

· Participate in loyalty programs

There are goods that we buy quite rarely, for example, household appliances or furniture. And there are those that are purchased regularly, such as clothes. If you are satisfied with the standards of service, assortment, and pricing of the online store, then participation in the loyalty program will be the right decision.

For each purchase, bonus points are credited to your personal account or to a special card, which can then be exchanged for a certain discount at the next purchase. If you travel a lot, buy admission to a special club of discounts, for example, Wizzair offers such a program. 

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