Eggs, Honey and Nuts for Post Workout Meal


Want to eat something sweet while hitting your macros?

Want to speed up your muscle recovery after a tough training session?

Eggs with Honey!

How does that sound to you? Might sound unpalatable at first. It certainly did to me. But the thought came to my mind and I had to try it.

Eggs have been a major source of protein for me. Last summer I was working with a coach and he gave me the task of eating 50 egg whites per day.

You do what you have to do.

So I upped my egg intake. And in about two weeks I was eating 40 egg whites per day. Highest I ate 48 egg whites in a day. 

That’s a lot of eggs. And I only had one option –find ways to gulp them all down.

If you are into fitness you know how important it is to be your own cook. In my quest to eating all those eggs, I invented many recipes. Recipes you would never find online.

I was blending soft-boiled eggs with mangoes. Refrigerating it. Only to eat it like a pudding.

There are two types of cooks out there – the recipe followers and the improvisors.

I am the adventurous one. I experiment with ingredients a lot.

Egg are one of the most complete and versatile foods available. And scrambled eggs is one of the least demanding recipe for a busy chef.

Nobody wants to stand in the kitchen for 30 minutes after coming back home from an extensive weight lifting session in the gym. And eggs are great for a post-workout meal. They digest fast and have a complete amino acid profile that helps you grow.


  • Eggs
  • Semi chopped nuts
    • walnuts (soaked)
    • pistachios
    • cashew nuts
    • almonds (soaked)
    • raisins
  • Raw honey 1-2 spoons
  • Banana
  • A pat of butter

The Recipe

My recipe is actually very simple:

  • Melt butter in the skillet over medium heat
  • Put semi chopped nuts and sliced banana on the pan
  • Pour eggs into skillet
  • Add honey to it
  • Stir until there is no more liquid egg in the pan
Eggs and honey postworkout

I usually eat about 6-8 egg whites and 2 whole eggs

Voilà, this is the meal that I have post-workout most of the days. High in protein, just enough fats, and carbohydrates to refuel me.

You can even add Nutella or peanut butter to it. All depends on how many calories you want to get in the system.

Try it for yourself and let me know how you liked it.


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