Dream Big and Don’t Accept Average

Dream Big and Don’t Accept Average

As a child, how did you answer when someone would ask you, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I know many of you might have said a doctor, a pilot, a celebrity, or a sports star.

My grandfather was the first person to put up the question in front of me, I was 5 years old and I told him that I wanted to become a superhero just like superman. When I was 10, I spent a lot of time playing car racing games on my computer. And I wanted to be a race car driver. 

I dreamed of becoming a pilot in hi-school, I was 15 at that time. I discussed it with few of my friends and one of them set it as his goal for life. He really wanted to be in the sky. He dreamed big and he went after it. He moved to the US shortly after finishing school and is now flying across the globe.

The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream.

Harry Kemp

I turned 20 when I finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and I knew that I wanted to be free. I wanted to learn, and I wanted to be the best I can be. I set financial freedom as the ultimate goal. I set a goal of not working for a salary, I never did. I had no concrete plans. But one thing I knew for sure, this is it!

This brings me to the big question, who dreams of being average?

Who dreams of living an average life, working a boring job, having an average relationship, wearing average clothes, and looking average? Who wants to be weak and live life like everyone else?

I am writing about it because many men get beaten up by life. They get tamed and mastered by circumstances because they stop dreaming. They simply stop dreaming BIG in life. They accept mediocrity. Don’t do it.

Dream Big and Don’t Accept Average

You had bigger dreams at one time, so what’s changed? Did you give up when it seemed like too much work or too unlikely?

Everyone who dreams big will hear people around them scoff at their goals, saying the odds are slim to none. The truth is, anything can happen and almost nothing is too good to be true.

You’ve got to start thinking bigger picture when it comes to larger goals. You might not hit that goal exactly, but you’ll go so much further in life in the process of trying and reaching for it.

I wanted to be financially free, and I wanted to bring change. I pushed and learned about myself in ways I could never have done if I didn’t stick to it through all the time.

If you don’t aim for a big goal, you miss the chance to get close to it.

If you aim for the attainable, you get it, and you get an average result. You can’t achieve big if you don’t try for greatness.

I could never have guessed two years ago all the accomplishments I’d make. I would have said I was crazy and that the things I’ve experienced don’t happen to guys like me. But I decided to take the leap out of my comfort zone. I continue to do that every day to keep aiming for success, dreaming big.

Remember you are the person who decides your goals and puts a ceiling on what you can do. Once you start taking charge of your destiny, you can start achieving beyond average results instead of hitting mediocre every time.

What you would do if failure wasn’t possible?

What would make you happy if no one would pass any judgment? Write these goals down and start thinking about what it would take to meet these goals.

Push yourself towards your goals and find ways to pursue them relentlessly. When obstruction appears, change your direction to reach your goal. But do not change your decision to get there.

Dream about freedom.

Dream about possibilities.

Achieving your dreams is more possible than you think.

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