Double Monk Strap Shoes — The Ultimate Dress Shoe

double monk strap shoes

I confess, I have never been much of a dress shoes guy. Luckily though, as I grew older, my fashion sense certainly evolved from Nike and statement t-shirts to something more sensible.

Things started changing when I became an intern at an architectural firm after my college. My ever trustworthy Nike certainly didn’t go well with the formal attire I was supposed to wear.

Finding business casual shirts and trousers was easy enough. Finding shoes to go with those outfits? Not so much.

I tried wearing the typical sneakers with my office attire, but it made me look odd and like someone who wasn’t interested in a serious professional career.

My job also often involved business meetings and informal gatherings in the wee hours after work. The typical office shirt and trousers were perfectly all right for these occasions, except for the darn shoes.

Alright, I admit, I didn’t really know what dress shoes were exactly at first. Generally speaking, dress shoes can be distinguished by their unique shape and posh look. Dress shoes have a sole more elevated than sneakers, and pointier fronts, which makes men look poised and sharp.

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes

Christian Louboutin

I started wearing oxfords (classic lace shoes) and slip-ons. My first dress shoes were a pair of black oxfords I bought online. Oxfords are hands down the most classic example of a dress shoe. The problem was, they seemed too formal to wear on dates. I think they made me look restrained. Besides, I hated lacing them up multiple times a day.

Everything changed when I started with my retail business of fabric. I own a franchisee store of one of the top notch brand which only sells Linen Fabrics. I started wearing perfect fitting tailored clothes and gradually my fashion sense evolved.

I had the freedom to wear anything from casual to semi-casual, ultra-formal, or traditional. It was also good from marketing point of view.  I was actually getting paid for getting dressed!

I was on a hunt for a pair of shoes that bode well with all sorts of casual, formal, semi-formal, and of course traditional, occasions. I wanted shoes that I could pull down with all of my outfits. So, that I don’t have to worry about matching it with my clothes every day.

Double Monk Strap Shoes

double monk strap shoes

I had no idea what double monks were until I saw a man on street of Buenos Aires wearing them. I knew I had to have them they simply seemed to be it.

You might wonder how cool a shoe could be when there’s “monk” mentioned in its name. Interestingly enough, monk straps originated in European monasteries during the 15th century.

Those monks’ centuries ago preferred these shoes over sandals because monk straps fastened well enough, and lasted longer on those long pious missions on foot.

I then learnt that there are two types of monk straps: Single Monk Strap and Double Monk Strap.

I particularly like double monk strap shoes because, unlike single monk strap, they look unique with a variety of outfits. The secret to double monk strap shoes’ versatility is, you can wear them on denims, trousers. They also go well on a two-piece suit, a three- piece, a traditional Jodhpuri suit, Breeches.

These shoes exist in a curious in-between world where pretty much anything goes.

My favorite aspect of double monk strap shoes is that they are lace free. The straps secure the foot inside the shoe without leaving space for moving around, which makes double monk straps more comfortable to walk in than loafers do.

Tip: Make sure the trouser line reaches slightly below the ankle when going sockless with a pair of double monk straps.

double monk strap shoes

You can tell a lot about a man just by looking at his feet

Black leather double monk straps are my default choice. You can wear them confidently to the office with black trousers and a striped shirt, and then you don’t have to actually change them for a business meeting late.

Dates after work at a high-end restaurant? No problem, double monk strap shoes will do. You can even hit the bar in these with your buddies without looking out of place. They can be paired with all sorts of office wear, and even denims and plain white t-shirts on off days. Double monk strap shoes are a lifesaver!

Brown leather double monk strap shoes are more relaxed. Pairing them with tweeds will you a casual yet sophisticated look. For an unconventional look, try pairing a burgundy pair of double monk strap shoes with a navy blue suit. It’s a bold look that will certainly make an impression.

The shoe is available in leather and suede. I prefer leather as it can rough it through hot and cold weather, whereas the suede can get soggy in wet weather.

I think you get it now that I’m obsessed with double monk strap shoes. Yes, they are incredible and makes me look great. I wish more men tried them, so I hope this post is an inspiration! Be bold, go on, create your statement.

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Thomas Fuller quoted- “Good clothes open all doors”. I’d say good shoes takes you to good places and opens all doors.

Add them to your wardrobe and you’ll turn twice the heads!

Good luck, and have a nice day.

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