Don’t Be A Slob


don't be a lsob

It was just another day until I received a call from a friend. He asked me if I wanted to meet up for dinner and drinks. He said that he had not eaten out for days.

Not two days ago, I saw him inadvertently while he was buying his dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Now, I had already told this friend many times that I don’t prefer to dine out. I’d rather have eggs and pulses for dinner, and maybe a chocolate bar for dessert. Not that I don’t eat out, I do. But I don’t eat food for entertainment purposes.

I often relish on my cheat meals, which generally consist of pizzas overloaded with cheese or chocolate fudge pastries, or some other Indian homemade delicacy.

Since I have been quite active on Facebook lately, I couldn’t help but notice how my friends who live in metro cities frequently post statuses and pictures whenever they go out for dinner; they call this #FoodPorn.

don't be a slob


Don’t be a Slob

Anyway, I see them eating all kinds of junk food and drinking every other day. I went through few of the pictures only to see them getting fat. I saw big bellies and skinny arms. They had a high body fat percentage but lacked musculature. This is the very unfortunate situation of being “skinny-fat”

All of it made me think, “What has gone wrong? Don’t they know what they’re doing to their bodies?”

Obesity is rising rapidly and is associated with many serious, even life-threatening diseases.

Then I remembered my days when I was pursuing my undergraduate degree. I wasn’t actively involved in any kind of physical activity like sports or a gym routine.

I used to eat a lot for lunch after returning home from my university. Yet I was usually hungry by the evening and with nothing to do, I used to go out to the local cafés and fast-food joints to grab a quick snack like burgers, sandwiches, pizzas etc along with cold coffees/shakes loaded with lots of cream and sugar.

It was like, my body demanded nutritious food and I used to satiate it by eating copious amounts of carbohydrate and fat rich foods. I curbed my body’s natural demand by making it sugar high.

As a result, I weighted 210lbs by the time I was in my final year of engineering, with an arm size of 13” and a waist of 36”. I didn’t look that fat with a height of 6’2” and girls always found me cute. Instead of working out, I learned to hide my body fat by dressing smartly and by carefully selecting the right type of fit, colors, and patterns. I never bothered enough about my health.

Now that I know about nutrition, I realized not only that I didn’t eat a lot of vegetables, but also that my diet mostly revolved around high carbs, fats, and a little dairy.

My daily protein intake was limited to 25-32gms which were almost half of my minimum daily requirement.

My body was highly deficient when it came to protein and other minerals. One time, I got my blood tested and my hemoglobin level was 10gms per deciliter only to realize that I was anemic.

Clinically, the normal range of hemoglobin for men is 13.5 to 17.5 grams per deciliter.

Now it’s not just the exercise protocol that I have been doing correctly, but I’m also fueling my body with the right kind of nutrition. My diet consists of whole foods, lots of eggs, fruits and green vegetables. My daily protein intake has increased substantially. I eat 120-150gms of protein and my body loves it.

All vital parts in our body are made of protein –  Muscles, Heart, other vital organs, Skin, Hair, Eyes, Hormones, everything!

I eat plenty of protein and fats now; fats that are mostly unsaturated.

I have limited my carb intake.

I don’t feel like eating junk food anymore.

It’s not that I’m calculating my macros when I see food, but my body craves the right kind of food and I listen to my body now. I know exactly what my body needs and when it needs it.

The same food that once made me drooling all over now repulses me.

It’s like every cell inside me gives a shout “We don’t want it!”

Weight training requires you to eat right. You won’t even want to eat junk food anymore since your body will only crave for good food and what’s more, you’ll want to eat good food.

Nutrients give our bodies instructions about how to function.

The food you eat not only affects the way you look but also your life in general. It affects your hormones, sexual life, mood, sleep, dreams; it affects you at the cellular level. It can cause a great impact on your career and relationships.

You want to be a slob, eat like one!

You want to look and feel like a Spartan, eat like one!

Life’s simple. You become what you eat. And you’re just one meal away from making it all right!

Still, want to eat junk? Here’s how you fit your favorite foods into your diet.

Good luck and have a nice day,



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