Become Your Own Mentor And Coach Yourself To Success !

If you have a mentor in life listen to him in order to be where you want to be. Period !

However, if you don’t have a mentor, believe in yourself and start self-educating yourself.

I have been self-educating myself for more than a year now about nutrition, supplementation and exercise protocol.

I have been doing my research online mostly and I saw many strength guru selling all the anecdotes as if they seem to know the missing links to all of your shortcomings. They have been selling the perfect diet program, exercise schedule or that supplement which would get you that 6-pack abs in 6-8 weeks. Bullshit !

I’m not here to sell you another plan.

The first thing you need to know is that there is no one size that fits all and you have to design your very own Meal plan + Exercise schedule.

Before we delve further, just think about it. How do you buy a suit? You go to a store, select a semi stitched suit from a wide variety, then the tailor will measure you and stitch it accordingly.

Forget bodybuilding for a while, I’m pretty much sure if you’re reading this, you have always worked on improving yourself all through your life …it is you who has been your best trainer in life so far!

Now answer this – Who wants the best out of you?  Who knows what fits you the best?

Except for yourself!

It’s your battle. It is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else. 

Become your own mentor. Only you, yourself can quickly adapt, tailor and mold things according to your needs. Your best trainer will always be yourself. However, it takes time to realize this, provided you’re dedicated enough. Till then be skeptical about who you listen to.

You can achieve far more than you might think. Success takes believing in your goals, planning them out, and sticking to them.

I had strong enough ‘why’ to sculpt a great body, a body that performs. In order to make fast progress and keep myself ahead in the game, I hired a trainer for initial 4 months to learn more about exercise forms.

I hired the best trainer in my gymnasium, he did not have any kind of certification to be a personal trainer, but I saw even the so called best(certified) trainers in my gym always asked for his advice.

He had an excellent command over different exercise forms. Again, he self-educated himself and it took him 10 years to learn it all and he had a great body to speak off, which he had developed over time without supplementation …there was no one to help him.

Nutrition is more about timing, quality, and proportion of food. My trainer wasn’t of much help for planning out a meal plan for me and I wasn’t willing to shell more money on a nutritionist. I wanted to learn, so I began self-experimenting with the food varying my macros, in order to experience their effect on my body.

I was also skeptical in taking supplements as I was ignorant. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

There was no one to guide me about supplementation, someone who has experienced taking them first hand. In a tier II city in India people are skeptical about supplementation and it’s rare to find people who share the same kind of zeal and enthusiasm.

I did my own research online, carefully selected my sources. I didn’t listen to any gym bro science. I was my own mentor and it took me a while to learn what I have. I was never spoon fed, and I learned basics from the beginning.

Today, I don’t follow any diet chart in particular. I don’t have an exercise schedule set in stone. I eat what I want and my diet varies a lot, I do make sure to keep my macros constant. My workout can change week after weeks mostly depending on how I feel.

I was 180 pounds with 30% body fat when I started, I still weight 180 pounds with body fat percentage of 15%. I’m not a competitive bodybuilder. I’m in it for performance. I want a body that performs. And there’s still a long way to go!

You don’t need step by step instructions to become your own mentor, it’s pretty simple:

Learn the basics of nutrition and exercise from Arnold himself in [easyazon_link identifier=”0684857219″ locale=”US” tag=”lifest89-20″]The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.[/easyazon_link]

Set goals, discover your strength and weaknesses and push yourself to new levels. Repeat!

Remember, all it takes is repetition to attain a level of mastery.

Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

Until next time


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