The 10 Sure Ways to Become a Better Man

The 10 Sure Ways to Become a Better Man

1. Move past fear

Fear and anxiety can follow you throughout your entire life if you let it. Every time you face something new or unfamiliar, every time you really want something, or even if you are just afraid of failing, remember that fear isn’t real. It’s entirely in your head.

The sooner you start believing and acting accordingly, you will start taking bigger risks and in the process accomplishing more in life. Fear and anxiety are just signs that you are about to grow, so embrace them fully.

2. Go deep inside yourself

There has always been a part of you that you couldn’t control. Anger. Temptations. If you have always succumbed to them, you have to learn to control your emotions. Having sex with a stranger can be physically satisfying, but it will ruin your marriage. Don’t do it.

You have to learn to control that animal within you. You have to learn to access the wolf that is within you. Don’t fall into the daily trap of seeking out instant gratification.

How do you do it? Few people meditate. I lift weights.

3. Live with purpose

Men on mission have their own flare.

Shobhit Choudhary

What kind of man are you trying to be? Pay attention and become an active participant in your life. Don’t let distractions deviate you. Think about all the moments you’ve felt fulfilled in life and make a note of things that make you happy. Now reject the ones that serve no purpose in your life.

A sculptor loses track of time when he’s creating another of his masterpiece. When was the last time you lost track of time because you were doing something you love? You have to learn to recognize your talents, interests and let it guide you towards finding your purpose.

Women know when you are drifting aimlessly through life, and they don’t want anything to do with it. Find your true purpose, and chase it down relentlessly. On your way toward your true purpose, you will draw in amazing people, the same way the loser in the first sentence repels them.

4. Don’t be a “nice guy”

What does being nice mean? Many guys believe if they can be what other people want them to be, their needs will be met. Now that’s nowhere close to being an alpha male. Women will loathe you and men will despise you.

Being nice to attract women? If you are constantly apologizing (to be likable) and are constantly doing things for women you are doing no good to anyone instead, you are cementing yourself as a pushover with no purpose.

You are not in school anymore. Welcome to the real world and man up. Would a man on a mission apologize for the strong actions he needs to take to accomplish things? No! Make it a habit to stop the weak-willed apologizing for doing what you know is right, and you will begin knowing what situations truly deserve an apology.

5. Failure does not exist

When a lion attacks a gazelle and misses, he doesn’t see it as a failure, beating himself up about it for days. He picks himself up, adjusts his tactics, and goes again. Failure is a made up concept by humans to manipulate each other. Bullying and trolling only affect you if you believe the lie when they say you are a failure.

Every “failure” is an opportunity to learn (adapt and evolve), adjust your tactics, and go again, a little better this time.

 6. Always be growing

It doesn’t matter what your situation is in life, you can grow out of it into something better. If you are weak, you can always grow strong. If you are sad, you can grow happy. You can become a healthy, intelligent, outgoing, fulfilled, successful man just by focusing your effort into it.

The world is constantly shifting, and you need to constantly grow with it. As soon as you stop, the world doesn’t, and you start stagnating and backsliding. Keep with it and stay growing and you will just keep gaining momentum, wondering why you were so slow in the beginning. 

7. You aren’t a victim

That girl didn’t pay you attention? It’s not because women are awful. Didn’t succeed at what you were trying to do? It’s not because you suck.

Stop telling yourself that you are the victim, and accept that the world just is the way it is. Some things are great and others are painful. Accept them for what they are and move forward. Slowly you will gain more control and power over your life and everything around you.

8. Own your self-image

The way you see yourself as a man is exceedingly influential. If you see yourself as a weak-willed loser, you will become one. If you see yourself as a successful, confident person, you will become one. Self-image is a very powerful thing, and you need to take control of it.

Create a clear picture of exactly who you want to be. What values do you have? How do you look and feel? What things do you own? What kind of people do you spend your time with? Keep this image in your mind, and think of it often. It will become clearer and more detailed the more you think of it, as you slowly change yourself to match.

9. Get out in the world

Travel changes your mind in ways you can’t even imagine. It opens and expands your mind to think about other people and how they see the world. You experience new cultures, ideas, and gain a much bigger understanding of the world.

Travel gives you amazing adventures and the ability to tell the stories that come along with them. It makes you more fulfilled, more sophisticated, and a much more compelling person to be around. Who doesn’t want to be the person with a crowd around them as they share stories of adventures in strange parts of the world? 

Rather than buying things, invest your money in traveling. In seeing the world. It will make you more dependable and potent man – the kind of man women love to be around.

10. Surround yourself with people you admire

It’s a well-known fact that you are an average of your five closest friends. Are your closest friends people that you want to be like? What values do they have? Surround yourself with people growing in the same direction you want to grow. Don’t be afraid to say farewell to people who drags you down.

Always seek out great people to be around. More than anything I always look for these qualities in a man:

  • Integrity – Do they mean what they say? Man of his words?
  • Loyalty – Are they reliable?
  • Straightforward – Or do they beat around the bush?
  • Courage – Will they stand up for themselves?
  • Self-motivated – Do they strive to be the best they can be?
  • Action taker – Doer or an excuse maker?

You can always be friends with great books and blogs that are full of wisdom and amazing stories.

Dedicate yourself to this growth and you will surprise yourself with how successful of a man you become.

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